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The Ultimate Guide to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo San Jose

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Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is a San Jose institution that has been around for years. It offers family-friendly entertainment at a reasonable price. Read on for all the info on Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose.

happy hollow san jose

Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose is almost exclusively an attraction for families with kids from infants to maybe 8 years old. It solely focuses on younger kids with a small zoo area and slow rides.

Happy Hollow Layout

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose is neat and clean.  It has benches and chairs, picnic areas, garbage cans, small play areas, fun activities, and great signs in case you get lost or need the restrooms. The Western side of Happy Hollow is where you will find all of the rides as well as a whacky playhouse.

My kid’s favorite ride was the dragon flyers. It is basically a gyro-copter where you can sit with your child and pedal to increase the higher, or stop to decrease the height.

Other popular rides include the frog jumper which can seat one adult in the middle. It’s a kid’s version of a drop ride, going a few feet in the air and slowly coming back down. They also have a car and swing ride that is great for smaller kids.

happy hollow san jose

For those older kids, there is a small rollercoaster and kids have to be 56″ to ride.

The zoo portion is on the Eastern part of Happy Hollow, with many of the animals having been rescued. Signs explain their significance in the wild and their role in their native habitats. You can get really close to the crocodile and leopard (within a safe distance). They also have black and white lemurs, as well as red pandas, which are both very rare to see.

Happy Hollow Food Options

The onsite restaurant is called The Picnic Basket. The food options are pretty standard and include pizza, hotdogs, burgers, fries, salads, and wraps. You can also pack a picnic and eat it right outside the park or go to a fast food place down the street.

Happy hollow park & zoo San Jose FAQ’s

What is the cost of Happy Hollow Zoo San Jose tickets?

It costs $10 for parking (all day) and $17 for the entry fee (2 years and up). If you live close by and plan on visiting often, it makes sense to get the membership which starts at $55 (which includes unlimited visits). The price of admission does include a petting zoo and all the rides.

Are you allowed to bring your own food/snacks to Happy Hollow?

Guests can bring in snacks and homemade lunches but food from outside restaurants is not allowed.

Does the daily parking fee cover in and out privileges?

Yes, the parking fee is good for the entire day on which it is purchased.

What are Happy Hollow Park & Zoo San Jose Hours?

For summer 2022, Happy Hollow will be open Wednesdays through Sundays.

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