Home Projects Are a Breeze With a Trusty Credit Union By Your Side!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Golden 1 Credit Union.

“Mommy, can we do some planting?”

I never say no to hanging with this little one and her plants, so we set up shop in the backyard on the grass. Fun fact, I never let the kids go near the fence behind us until recently!

why a credit union


It was leaning over, had holes big enough for our Frenchie to slip through and basically was hanging on by a thread. A strong wind would have knocked it over, taking down our beautiful roses and apple tree! It was one of those house emergencies that we knew we had to take care of immediately. I know it’s not atypical beautiful before and after you see of our home but it’s one of those immediate financial needs that we simply had to take care of. A damaged fence can be a safety issue if not taken care of right away. We were able to access some money in our credit union savings account and within four days, we had a beautiful new fence.

why a credit union

Why did we go straight to a credit union?

  1. Member service is key with most credit unions. I knew this fence project was going to be a good chunk of money since our yard is so large. Calling a credit union representative to see how easily our money could be accessed and withdrawn took away the stress! Regular banks have nothing on the friendliness and flexibility of a credit union. With my questions answered, all I needed to do was to find a contractor who could start immediately.
  2. ATM and Mobile access. I’m not a fan of going into branches for deposits and withdrawals. With a credit union I’m able to deposit money right on my phone or at a nearby atm. There’s no need to stand in line at a regular bank!
  3. Financial education. I like that credit unions usually have resources that offer additional help if a member needs it. Golden 1 Credit Union is one of those companies that has a wide variety of podcasts and videos that help educate and promote healthy financial awareness. In addition to these resources, a member can access an employee to answer questions just by calling their member service line! Golden 1 Credit Union offers 24 hour mobile and online banking services to its members!

If you live or work in California like me, Golden 1 Credit Union is a great partner to bank with. Whenever those pesky emergency house projects come up, the employees at Golden 1 Credit Union can help answer any financial questions members may have because they understand the immediate needs homeowners face. Golden 1 Credit Union is there for its members at any stage-think of those smaller home projects like painting or new faucets. Golden 1 Credit Union is also there if members need to finance that major renovation they’ve been putting off!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Golden 1 Credit Union.

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