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Tips for Hosting a Disney Pool Playdate! #nowmorethanever

Disclaimer- This post is in partnership with Walt Disney World. All opinions and ideas are my own. There may be affiliate links in this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this site!

Now more than ever is the perfect time to visit Walt Disney World with all their new offerings. One thing I’m looking forward to is the Lion King ‘Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party and the recently opened Toy Story Land! In honor of #nowmorethanever I partnered with Mom Select and Walt Disney World to host a fun Disney Pool playdate for my daughter and her preschool friends. Here are some tips for hosting a Disney Pool Playdate!

hosting a disney pool playdate

Prepare The Kids

Before our friends came over I made sure to prepare the kids on what I expected.  I made sure that the pool rules were clear to everyone (no running, no dunking, not spraying water directly in the face) I also made sure that the kids knew that they didn’t have to share every single thing in their personal space but that the pool toys were free for everyone to use.

Pool Safety

We have tons of pre school swim vests and arm floats for those who need it.  We also usually have one parent who is devoted to sitting poolside and watching the kids.  Have your guests rotate shifts taking turns observing the kids while they play in the pool.

Extra towels

If you are hosting a Disney Pool Playdate make sure to have tons of towels handy.  I found some fun Elena of Avalor themed towels and had them in a plastic tub for the kids to use.  Make sure you are plenty for guests that forget to bring and lay them out in the sunshine so a warm towel will be waiting when its time to wrap up.  I found these Elena of Avalor towels at Amazon but the Dollar store has great options for those on a budget!

Pool friendly snacks

I put out items like watermelon slices, grapes, mickey shaped goldfish snacks and short bread cookies for snacks.  I wanted things that were simple and easy to grab during breaks in between swimming.  Another hit was the Popped Passion popcorn cake that the kids nibbled on throughout the day.  I set out a jug of lemonade and also made sure that I had things like pizza and bagels out for those who were more hungry. Rounding out the day were these amazing Mickey shaped ice cream pops.  

Pool Toys

This huge Mickey float (similar one here) was the most popular toy of the party.  We also have water friendly dolls, water shooters and dive sticks for kids that wanted something different.  Most kids were just content to splash around or float throughout the pool but a few loved playing pin the crown on Elena.

So those are my important tips for hosting a pool Disney playdate. Would you add any? Sound off in the comments!


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