How to Build a Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

When you’re expecting, your wardrobe undergoes a transformation. Suddenly, you need clothes that are easy to wear, everything fits and you need to look your best. You don’t want to spend hours searching for the perfect outfit and you certainly don’t want to pay department store prices. This guide will give you an idea of how to build a maternity capsule wardrobe so that you have everything necessary for those few months without spending too much money or taking up much space in your closet.

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maternity capsule wardrobe

Which pieces should you add to your maternity capsule wardrobe?

A maternity wardrobe should be practical, stylish, and comfortable. You’ll have to change clothes frequently while you’re pregnant, so you’ll want comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting changed into. While there’s no rule about a certain number of pieces, you’ll want to make sure your wardrobe includes the following:

A pair of maternity jeans

Invest in a good quality pair of maternity jeans. You can wear them throughout your whole pregnancy, or as your post-baby jeans. When looking for a good quality pair of maternity jeans go for a darker color so you can dress them up or down.

comfortable leggings

1-2 pairs of comfortable leggings are a must! You can wear them throughout your whole pregnancy, or as your post-baby comfortable pants. My favorite pair were these Motherhood Maternity leggings are affordable and great quality!

A comfortable blouse or tunic

You can wear button-down shirts throughout your whole pregnancy and transition after the baby arrives. Consider acquiring a few nursing tanks, and a cardigan. You’ll also want to add a couple of tops with scoop-neck designs to easily transition to breastfeeding.

Comfortable Shoes

You can wear them throughout your whole pregnancy so make sure to invest in quality shoes. 2-3 pairs of shoes should be enough. Look for comfortable sneakers, a pair of Rothy’s ballet flats, and a pair of boots especially if you are pregnant in the fall or winter months.

A lightweight coat

You can wear it during your whole pregnancy, or when the weather cools down in the fall and winter.


A couple of comfortable wide necklaces with a few charms or charms/chains that have meaning to you, a belt, and a watch. if you are pregnant during the colder months, a blanket shawl might be a good accessory to invest in.

What not to include: A pair of high heels. While fashionable, they are not comfortable to wear during pregnancy, and you may prefer to wear flats or sneakers. Also, try to limit your maternity capsule wardrobe purchases. You won’t need too much if you pick quality items that can be mixed and matched together!

The key to mixing and matching in your maternity capsule wardrobe

When you’re trying to decide which pieces to add to your maternity wardrobe and which to replace, keep in mind that you’ll be switching between two wardrobes. You’ll want to wear the same type of clothes in both wardrobes, but you don’t have to wear the exact same thing. For example, you can wear a button-down shirt in your pre-baby closet that’s too big for you now but will be comfortable once your baby is no longer needing you to wear special nursing clothing items like tank tops later on.

You can wear a pair of jeans that are too big for you now in your pre-baby closet but will easily transition to your post-baby jeans once you return to your pre-baby shape.

Don’t forget the hand-me-downs!

Most of the time, you can expect to receive at least a few items in hand-me-down from your family members or friends. Try to keep an eye out for these and add them to your wardrobe. For example, your friend may have one of her old pairs of jeans that’s been in storage that would be perfect for your maternity wardrobe.

You can also look for second-hand stores or consignment shops that sell items that have been returned by other customers. If nothing else, you can often find a one-off piece that would work well in your maternity wardrobe.

When shopping for new pieces for a maternity capsule wardrobe, avoid buying anything that doesn’t feel comfortable. If you find something that looks great but is uncomfortable to wear, don’t buy it. Instead, find something less expensive or find something else to wear.

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