How to Declutter an Attic Space

Attics are often forgotten about until the roof leaks, or some long-lost item needs to be found! I personally am taking this time during quarantine to declutter mine, I started thinking, could I utilize all that extra space differently? What am I holding onto that could either be recycled or donated? Here is some guidance on how to declutter an attic space!

declutter an attic

The easiest way to tackle the problem with clutter is to move everything out rather than shift things around from one side of the attic to the other. Never start looking for one item in particular, especially if there is very little space to maneuver, or you will just give up. Categorize items and put them in boxes, so the organization becomes less of a chore. Cleaning the attic will be easier when it has been emptied of unneeded items.

Use these steps to declutter an attic!


Step one on how to declutter an attic is to start with an idea of how long you want your initial decluttering spree to be. If your decluttering project is too intimidating to deal with all at once or you can’t get any help from others, work on time blocking the first few decluttering sessions.

Set a time for 10 or 15 minutes. I usually start with the worst aspect of a space. Stop and take note of what you have. Is there an overflowing box stuffed with decor or books? Tackle that hard space first.


Have some boxes available for things you want to keep or better still some sturdy plastic boxes with lids. Label a few cardboard boxes or paper bags for trash and others for charity donation. Practically everything can be recycled nowadays, so sort your metal, paper, plastic, fabric and glass into boxes too. Take the time to label anything that is going back into the attic and store things like photos or holiday decor in the same area so you know where to find items if you need them again.


Once you have everything out and organized make sure to CLEAN THE SPACE. Sweep and clean out any cobwebs. Replace any floorboards that are rotted. A huge cleaning spree will force you to take note of any mold, holes or areas that need to be repaired.


When you have been successful with your decluttering, you will probably be surprised at all that extra space you now have at your disposal! Be mindful about what you store in your attic. Personally I store holiday decor, kids artwork and home improvements items like extra tile and paint in my attic. While it isn’t large enough to convert into a room or attic, I like that we have the space for things that we don’t need handy in our home.

If you do have the space to convert, could you create a whole new room with a designated purpose that would even put considerable value on your home? A den, a playroom, or even a gym could help you free up some of your valuable living space downstairs. The possibilities endless and are doubly beneficial if you are getting regular usage from the new attic room too.

Are you using this time during quarantine to figure out how to declutter an attic? With a little organization and planning, you will be proud of all that extra space that you can utilize!


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