How to Declutter Your Bedroom Closet 2023

Decluttering closets can be tricky when you are just starting your minimalist journey. There is always a little (or a lot) more stuff than there is room for. This is magnified when two people share a bedroom and, therefore, the closet. Read on to discover simple storage solutions to maximize closet space. Here are my tips to declutter a bedroom closet in 2023.

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Pare Down Clothing items

You’ve heard this over and over, but this is truly the key to decluttering a bedroom closet. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it! An excellent reference for this is Let It Go by Peter Walsh. He is tough and no-nonsense, but walks you through the steps to paring down your items. Another good minimalism rule is to bring one thing in, take one (or more!) similar items out. Finally consider creating a capsule wardrobe like Amiyrah from 4 Hats and Frugal and limit yourself to a few versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched!

Take the Time to Organize Clothes

Clothes should be sorted and stored so it makes sense to you. The most popular form is by type for example, all blouses together, all slacks together. Other possibilities are by color or by function, i.e. work versus casual.

If your closet doesn’t have separate rods for long and short garments, you can purchase inexpensive hanging second rods to double your space. A stand-alone ready-made shelf (or bookcase) could also be placed under short garments for additional storage or build your own custom piece clothing rack for the space.

declutter a bedroom closet
Utilize empty space by hanging inexpensive rods

There is usually one shelf above the hanging rod, but the space is often so tall that much of it is wasted. Utilize stacking or tall containers particularly in this situation, preferably clear plastic. These can hold out-of-season clothing or bedding. Again, group like things together and label if necessary. Many such storage solutions can be found in the discount department or dollar stores now, but it might be worth visiting a specialty store, like the Container Store, to get ideas, although they may be pricey.

How to Organize Shoes

One reason for a shortage of closet space is often too many shoes! Go through your shoes and donate anything that you haven’t worn recently or that you just don’t love. Shoes in good condition sell quickly on poshmark and mercari. After you’ve pared down your shoes, consider investing in shoe organizers, there are a ton on the market.

declutter a bedroom closet shoe rack
This wire rack has lasted years!

Shoes can be stored on stacking wooden shoe racks or wire shoe shelves placed in the floor of the closet under clothes. You may also utilize vertical space with a hanging shoe rack that fits over the inside of the closet door.

How to Organize Accessories

When attempting to declutter a bedroom closet, consider racks of all kinds that can be found for ties/belts. Many hang on the rod and there are even motorized ones! A drawer organizer hung on a closet side wall can be used for belts and a tie rack could also be place there for ties or belts. These are easily visible and accessible.

Jewelry storage boxes are many and varied. Larger ones may have a few hooks for chains or necklaces which is key to preventing the chains from becoming tangled. this cute jewelry storage stand is perfect for keeping your items separated and untangled!

Think Outside-of-the-Box

Just because it’s called a tie rack doesn’t mean it can’t be used for anything else. Use the items you already have! Years ago I invested in canvas bins that I’m constantly reuse and move around to store different items. Don’t forget to look for solutions utilizing wasted space under hanging clothes, double-high storage, closet walls or doors.

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