How to Find New Homes for Unwanted Items

January is the perfect time to declutter. If you are mindful of the environment, odds are you hate the idea of throwing away items that are perfectly good even if you no longer have a use for them. These items need a new home so they can continue to be used for years to come. Finding new homes for your extra items can be a challenge. Here are some ways to find new homes for unwanted items!

Selling items you no longer need

For many items you may be decluttering, there is the popular option of selling the things you no longer need. This can help you find new homes for these items while making a little extra money yourself. You can sell items directly to another person in a few different ways. While yard sales used to be the most popular way to do this and are still fairly successful, times have changed and people often look for other methods of selling off things they no longer need. Mom-to-mom and church rummage sales are a great way to sell items cheaply but with more foot traffic than you would find in front of your house.

Selling items online is the most popular way to sell used items now. The Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find things you are looking for and the perfect place for the individual seller to unload unwanted items without spending a long period of time organizing and running a yard sale. Mercari and Poshmark (use code Tiffy0380 to save $10) are excellent and easy ways to sell items. These apps also have shipping options so often all you have to do is print out a label at home and drop off the package at the post office!

Consignment is a great way to get rid of sellable items without having to do any of the work. Simply take the items that need a home in and arrange for the items to be sold and you to be paid. These services take a portion of the sale but do all of the work for you from finding customers to handling transactions.

Ideas for Giving away unwanted items

When you tackle how to find a new home for unwanted items, a great place to start is simply by asking friends and family if anyone needs the item you are getting rid of. With social media, you need only to make a post on your Facebook page to see if anyone needs the item you have to offer.

If no one you know needs or wants the item you are giving away you can often find the perfect place to donate your items. Popular resale shops like Goodwill, Savers, and the Salvation Army are always taking in things people no longer need from household goods to clothing.

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Local schools and libraries are always in need of books and media items. These items are usually resold in library book sales to raise money for library programs. If you have lots of unwanted books consider donating them to your nearest Free Little Library.

Shelters will happily take clothing, bedding, and household items that you no longer have use for that can help someone living on the streets begin to rebuild their lives. Pet shelters will take old towels and blankets to line their cages with.

Organizations That Will Pick Up Unwanted Items

If you are looking to make a donation that can be done without much time and effort on your part you can take advantage of programs that will pick up your donations. A quick google search will help you find an organization that will pick up your donations for free.


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