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Update on Our Industrial Laundry Room Makeover!

One of my favorite aspects of our home is the indoor laundry room. While the laundry room originally had a ton of storage we actually didn’t need any of the dark brown pantry cabinets in there.  The cabinets made the space way too tight and dark, which wasn’t useful for a room that is used every single day.  Here is an update on our industrial laundry room makeover!

before laundry room makeover
BEFORE! Cabinets above the washer/dryer
BEFORE! Pantry cabinets took so much space

I don’t think I can describe just how gross those cabinets were. Layers of dirt and grime were on the top and they essentially disintegrated the moment we started pulling them down!

After we removed the cabinets! The floor had water damage so we repaired it.

Before starting our industrial laundry room makeover, I envisioned a space with a countertop for folding and bright white cabinets but it turned out all we really needed was a few shelves.  So here’s the thing, those pantries in the above photo used to hold stuff that I really didn’t need.  Any extra items like paper products or soap could be stored underneath sinks and in the garage.  It’s a bit tricky with all the pool towels we used to store in there but I’m working on a few solutions.

New PERGO flooring going in after the subfloor was repaired.

We decided on a durable PERGO flooring since this is a high traffic area.

Shiplap going in!

The industrial inspired shelves hold detergent, dryer sheets, extra cleaning products and a few pieces of decor to bring some cheer into the space.  We also decided to shiplap two walls to add some depth and  to break up all the white!

AFTER! Clean lines and industrial shelves
A good shot of the Trinity work bench and the PERGO flooring.

Having a folding space was important to me so after some research, we decided on this workbench by Trinity.  This area is very narrow so we did have to shave down the top but overall I think it works great! Thanks for reading all about our laundry room makeover. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Workbench | Lost socks sign | Industrial shelves | Jars | Washboard is vintage similar here

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