Items to Declutter in October

Halloween is coming and it’s a good time to declutter your house. While the weather starts to cool, take this opportunity to get rid of some items and make room for the things you absolutely love. Here are some tips on what to declutter in October.

items to declutter October

Old Halloween Costumes

Let’s start with the obvious. Do you have old costumes somewhere in your home? Now is the time to get rid of them. Toddler costumes can be donated to local schools, and adult costumes can either be resold on sites like Mercari or donated to the thrift store.

Expired Sunscreen

Sunscreens should be included in the list of items to declutter in October. As a rule, sunscreen expires after three years, so if you have any expired sunscreen lying around – get rid of them! In the future, if the particular brand of sunscreen you purchase doesn’t have an expiration date, write the date of purchase on the bottle. While expired sunscreen isn’t toxic, it won’t be nearly as effective as when you originally purchased it.

Not sure if your sunscreen is expired? Test out some on a napkin. It may be expired if it looks:

  • chunky, or watery in consistency
  • has a yellow tint to it
  • has an odd smell

Worn-out Beach Items

The first thing to do is to get rid of the old beach towels. Ruthlessly declutter the towels that have holes in them or are faded and thin. Those ones that you can’t get the chlorine smell out of? Try a vinegar soak! Some cities offer to recycle cloth items but also look into your local animal rescue. Many will take old towel donations for bathing animals and for additional bedding!

Next, go through your swimsuits and see which ones you want to keep. You can use a swimsuit organizer with small compartments for this task. Keep only the swimsuits that you love and feel comfortable in. For kid’s swimsuits, take a look good look to see if there are any holes or pilling.

Finally, take a look at the beach gear that you have left over from last year. This includes beach toys, beach tents, and more. You can either donate items or store them in a place where it won’t be forgotten about again next summer.

Summer Wardrobe Items

Review the majority of your summer wardrobe and those of your children. Start by looking through all of your drawers and the back of closets – this is where most people tend to store their clothes that they don’t wear anymore. If there are items that don’t fit or you’re not sure about, put them in a pile for now. Eventually go back and then review these items. Can you resell anything? Are there are local clothing closets in your community that you can donate to?

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