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Kids Book Review: Something’s Wrong! by Jory John

What happens when Jeff the bear walks out into his neighborhood with just a pair of underwear on? Find out in this picture book review of Something’s Wrong! by Jory John.

book review Something's Wrong!

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A hilarious picture book from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jory John, paired with new illustrator Erin Kraan, about a bear whose friends help him make it through a bad day!

Jeff the bear has definitely forgotten something. He ate his breakfast, he watered his plant, he combed his fur…what could it be? Why does he feel so oddly off? So he asks his friend Anders the rabbit what could possibly be wrong. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s wearing underwear…over his fur…could it? 

Something’s Wrong! is another read-out-loud, laugh-out-loud picture book from bestselling and beloved author Jory John, about that horrible nagging feeling that it just might not be your day―but you know you have a friend to support you no matter what.


Something’s Wrong! introduces readers to Jeff the bear, who is a bit absent minded. He heads out to his community to greet his friends but has the feeling that something is not quite right. You see, he’s wearing a gift from his granny, a pair of white underwear. His friends repeatedly ask each other why Jeff is wearing underwear, while Jeff himself nervously tries to figure out why everyone is staring at him.

Jeff the bear meets up with his good friend Anders who happens to be very kind. Anders nicely tells Jeff that he’s wearing underwear and figures out a way to humorously start a new trends and not embarrass his friend!

Something’s Wrong! strengths lay in its kindness matters message and the illustrations that are so expressive and colorful. I liked that the characters don’t tell Jeff about the underwear because they don’t want to embarrass him but they also don’t gossip about the situation. Anders the Hare is a good example of a friend who chooses honesty and works with Jeff to start a new fashion trend. Something’s Wrong! is a sweet story about friendship and an example of how to flip an embarrassing situation on its head.


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