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Kids Care Dental: A New Dentistry in the Bay Area!

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This post is sponsored by Kids Care Dental.

It’s post-holiday season and like previous years before, the kids are beyond excited for all the sweet treats that we create and eat!  It’s just not winter without mugs full of hot cocoa and candy canes!  I don’t let them go crazy (balance is key) but I always make sure to have their dentist appointments in February and March to make sure they get that post-holiday teeth cleaning!

Here’s the thing, dentists can be scary for some kids.  When we first took Kiki to the dentist, she wasn’t ready for leaning far back in the chair and she was so scared.  I was able to hold her hand but I realized that her anxiety wasn’t something I expected since her sister never had any issues getting regular cleanings.  Had I taken to her a place that specializes in a kid friendly Bay Area dental office, I think the dentist visit would have gone much more smooth!

I’m excited to share that Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics is opening up new offices in the East and South Bay!  Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics creates kid friendly environments that make even the most nervous child comfortable in their office.  Clients who visit Kids Care Dental & orthodontics can expect a Bay Area dentist office that welcomes children with friendly smiles, movies and video game entertainment to ensure kids are comfortable before their cleanings and procedures.  

Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics is a kid-focused dental practice that specializes in teaching proper brushing and flossing advice plus early cavity detection in a fun environment.  An understanding staff that welcomes clients into a dental office (with entertainment!) goes a long way toward making any kid feel happy to visit the dentist!  Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics is committed to not only taking care of smiles but creating them too!

If you have a nervous child who is heading to the dentist, here are some tips that helped us keep those smiles instead of frowns!

1.  Hype up a visit to the dentist

Encourage your child to properly brush teeth (small circles, never up and down) and then encourage them to share their brushing success with their dentist!

2.  Explain to them what will happen at the dentist

Let your children know that the dentist will check their teeth and possibly clean them and if they have a lovey or stuffed animal, encourage them to bring it so the dentist can check their teeth too. 

Here are all the Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics dental offices opening up in February 2021! 

  • San Jose: 5253 Prospect Rd, San Jose CA 95129
  • Sunnyvale: 300 West Washington Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94086
  • Livermore: 3000 W. Jack London Blvd, Space A-1, Livermore CA 94551

For more information visit Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics!  For information on how they are keeping clients safe during Covid visit here!

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