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LUCA Review- Finally Pixar Gives Us a Cheerful Summer Movie!

Pixar has given us another cheerful movie with “Luca” to enjoy during the summer! Read on for a full review of Pixar’s “Luca” streaming exclusively on Disney+!

Luca review Pixar

Luca Review

“Luca” is a sweet sort of friendship and tolerance which makes it different from the other recent Pixar movies.  Luca is a sea monster who discovers that once he is dry and on land he transforms into a human boy.  A fellow sea monster Alberto has been going between the two worlds for years and they form a bond discovering all the things the human world can show them.  The two friends team up with a little girl Giulia to compete in a bike race to win money.  That money is treated almost like a ticket to getting a Vespa and seeing more of the world.

Let’s start with the obvious….”Luca” is gorgeous with bold colors and and a whimsical feel to the animation.  The details, especially in the sea and in the small town are so luscious.  It’s the mundane every day life that Luca celebrates including the food and friendliness of the Italian people.  These little details make Luca a beautiful story, like Luca and Alberto listening to a gramophone for the first time or trying pesto pasta together. They quickly find out that yelling “stupido!” to strangers isn’t the best way to make friends

The film does have a cartoonish villain, complete with a knotted shoulder sweater and matching vespa and his inclusion wasn’t even necessary.  The characters like Giulia’s father and cat or even Luca’s parents who transform themselves into humans to find him are more interesting.   Ultimately the conflict comes from Luca and Alberto realizing that they can’t hide who they truly are forever.  That idea can be interpreted in so many ways and I love that!

Making of LUCA

Check out a new featurette highlighting how filmmakers captured the magic of the Italian Riviera. Led by director native Italian Enrico Casarosa, members of the team behind Disney and Pixar’s “Luca” trekked to the Italian coastline as part of two research trips. From the color of the water to the layout of the town square—the look of “Luca” is inspired by real places, Italian history and Japanese artistry. In a new featurette, Casarosa, producer Andrea Warren and cast members Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan offer a glimpse of the stunning and stylized look of “Luca.” 

Luca Activity Pack!

Download an amazing activity pack with coloring sheets with a “Luca” theme!

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