What to Know About a Magnolia Market Order

Like the rest of the world, I’m totally obsessed with the Gaines’s renovation show Fixer Upper.  I’ve been wanting to order from the Magnolia Market website and finally got around to it last month.  While on the hunt for some artwork for the house, I knew their Magnolia prints would be perfect so I carted those items in addition to a sign that I’d been coveting since seeing it on the show.


The estimate I got was 7-14 business days for my Magnolia Market order.  After about two weeks I got the sad news that one of the Magnolia prints was out of stock.  They did include a coupon code that I could use in the future so that lessened the blow;).  A few days after that, my Magnolia order arrived on my doorstep!

magnoliamarket.com order

The Magnolia prints and metal sign were packaged nicely in bubble wrap and tucked into the box was a seeds packet that my kids wanted to plant right away.  I’m really happy with the experience but I must admit, I wish the wait wasn’t so long for shipping.  Now I know why the actual Silo location is always crowded, people want their stuff right away!   

magnolia market

What to Know About a Magnolia Market Order

1.  When the estimate is 7-14 business days, they really mean it.  It took about 3 weeks to get my order, but I knew it would take a bit of time so I was prepared.

2.  If you have an issue with items or if anything goes out of stock they will contact you and try to make it right.  Since one item was back ordered, they sent me an exclusive code to use in the future.

3.  Magnolia Market items are well made and packaged carefully to ensure that they do not get damaged. 

4.  Magnolia Market will include fun items like a seed packet in orders.  My kids had fun planting the seeds that were included in our box.

5.  The turnover on items seems to be quick.  They had their Christmas items already loaded even before Halloween and several items are already out of stock.

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