Magnolia Table Restaurant Review: The Good and the Bad!

When I decided to visit Austin, the lure of visiting Magnolia Table in Waco Texas was too much to ignore. I’m a fan of the show Fixxer Upper and I figured if I could fit in one day to travel to Waco I would visit as many places under the Magnolia umbrella that I could. Here is my Magnolia Table in Waco Texas restaurant review….the good and bad!

magnolia table review

Magnolia Table REVIEW- The good

Simply put Magnolia Table in Waco Texas is gorgeous.  It’s architecture and design is strictly Joanna Gaines’ style in black and white, shiplap and lots of wrought iron details.  It’s a clean and bright white space with plenty of seating.  There is a coffee bar around the back, a faux grass area with Jenga games for the kids and an area with benches and a covered awning for people waiting for their tables.  And this is a good thing- because you are going to WAIT.

magnolia table review1

The food and coffee were mostly great!  I had the Spring special which was asparagus quiche and a lightly dressed salad of field greens.  On the plate were two delicious slices of fresh tomato.  I LOVE tomatoes that are fresh and sprinkled with a bit of salt, these were perfect. The Big Sister had the Lemon pancakes which were huge and tasty.  Our table shared the biscuits with strawberry butter which were really tasty but also a savory and not overly sweet with the strawberry butter.  The only miss was the fried potatoes which were dense and like biting into a potato hockey puck.  Everyone says to try them but I thought they were terrible.

magnolia table review1

Magnolia Table REVIEW- The Bad

Magnolia Table in Waco Texas shares a parking lot with two other restaurants and a gas station which means parking is a mess.  There are signs that direct people to Magnolia Table parking but on a busy day you are going to wait a bit to be able to park anywhere near the restaurant.  I would suggest coming from the I 35 frontage road so you avoid the traffic circle that gets clogged.

magnolia table review

Did I mention the wait? Because the wait is something that can make or break this experience! We arrived at 11am and the restaurant was packed.  The staff directed us to a waiting area where were had to wait just to put down our names.  When I got to the front I asked for the first available table and the staff made sure to mention that several tables were community style, meaning you would share the space with other patrons.  Since we figured it would be less of a wait we took the first available option. 

In total we waiting about 2 hours to eat.  This was in addition to driving from Austin to even visit Magnolia.

magnolia table review

Magnolia Table staff send you a text link and you can check where you are on the waitlist so you don’t have to stay on site. You can go visit other places like Rudy’s which has a small store attached to it while you wait.

Magnolia Table Waco Texas- The Service

By the time our table was called we were starving!  The staff was really great, everyone was nice and cheerful as if they had been trained at Disneyland.  To me that made the experience bearable.  There are enough people so that if you need anything, directions to the bathroom or even an extra set of crayons and coloring papers for bored kids, the staff is there to make sure you get what you need.  

Magnolia Table in Waco Texas has a takeout area that sells sandwiches and Magnolia merchandise like mugs, towels and cookbooks.  

Overall we had a really lovely meal and the kids were satisfied! But keep in mind, if you don’t like crowds, a long wait or limited parking- go as early as you can!

Where is Magnolia Table Restaurant?

Magnolia Table is not at the Silos. Magnolia Table is located a full two and a half miles away, about a 10 minute drive from the Magnolia Market and Silos. The address is: 2132 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76706.

Can you make a reservation at Magnolia Table?

No it’s first come first serve.

IS breakfast served all day at Magnolia Table Restaurant?

Yes the entire menu including breakfast is served all day.

Can you use a Magnolia Market Gift card at Magnolia Table?

No, Magnolia Market gift cards cannot be used at Magnolia Table.

Dies Magnolia Table Restaurant serve alcohol?

No it does not.


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  1. How can I purchase a gift card for Magnolia Table. My friend is going to Waco in April and I want to buy her a card for Christmas. I live in Canada.

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