Memoirs by Black Women Everyone Should Read

It can be difficult to talk about race and America, especially in 2022 where police brutality is taking center stage.   I’m a firm believer in reading outside your comfort area to experience how other people live. Black women face unique issues and arguably are the least protected group in the world. Today I’m sharing several memoirs by Black women that are worth reading. 

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Memoirs by Black Women

My personal favorite is A Taste of Power by Elaine Brown, a book I discovered in college while researching women in the Black Power movement. Included are some fun ones like Misty Copeland’s book that details how she fell in love with dancing. I couldn’t leave out Michelle Obama’s Becoming but I also included some lesser-known books like Nina Simone’s memoir and a memoir by Assata Shakur. These books are filled with inspirational stories but never shy away from the tough stuff like racism, assault, and discrimination.

What would you add to this life of powerful memoirs by Black women that everyone should read?


memoirs by Black women

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