Three Simple Mental Health Benefits of Minimalism

The word ‘minimalism’ has been around for a while, but it is only recently that the idea of living a simplified life has become popular. Living with less is not just a trend, but it also offers many health benefits. Minimalism is a lifestyle (not a decor style) that focuses on reducing the amount of physical and mental clutter in one’s life. Minimalists surround themselves with only the things they need and love. Minimalism isn’t a magical solution to all mental health struggles but it can alleviate some. Here are some mental health benefits of minimalism.

mental health benefits of minimalism

What are the mental health benefits of minimalism?

More financial freedom

Let’s be honest, money issues can be a catalyst for people struggling with mental health. Inflation is on the rise, wages are stagnant and everyday more and more people are realizing that it’s nearly impossible to purchase a home. Minimalists have more money to spend on things they really care about because they don’t spend as much on things they don’t need.

Less stress

With less clutter around you, you can focus better and reduce your stress levels. Minimalism doesn’t promise perfection or that you will never feel stress ever again. It is a state of mind where you strive to separate your contentment and peace of mind from material possessions. It’s about learning not to use consumerism as a crutch to fill the hole in your soul with the fleeting satisfaction of obtaining something. Less consumerism means less clutter which means less stress and a way to focus more.

More focus

Minimalists have more time to do what they want because there is less to distract them from their goals. Think of it this way, minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of physical things. It involves cutting all of the ‘clutter’ out of your schedule to make time for what really matters. It’s about appreciating and focusing on the important things in life.

For example, let’s say there is a relationship that sucks all the life and energy out of you. You dread dealing with it because you know you’ll feel guilty or upset. Letting go and protecting your peace means more focus and energy for the relationships that inspire you.

What mental health benefits have you experienced while practicing minimalism? Let me know in the comments!

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