Minimalist Halloween Decor Tips That Everyone Can Embrace!

Quarantine has made all of us stir crazy so when Kiki asked for lots of Halloween decor, I sat down and tried to come up with some ideas that would work for our home. After digging through our Halloween decor I started thinking about using all of our decor and then investing in a few new pieces. Here are my minimalist halloween decor tips!

minimalist halloween decor tips

Decorate with fresh pumpkins!

Trader Joe’s and Home Depot have inexpensive pumpkins that you can buy and when you are done, compost! Alternatively, you can also invest in craft pumpkins and decorate them the exact way you want. Chances are you will want to use your own creations year after year!

minimalist halloween decor tips

Buy and display only items you love

This is the key with minimalist decorating, purchase only items that you love and will display. It really is that simple.

minimalist halloween decor tips

Invest in quality decor that lasts more than 1-2 years.

One of the most important minimalist halloween decor tips is to protect your items. Store decor items carefully in order to make sure they last! The floral garland on my hutch I’ve had for 10 years!

Store Halloween decor items so that they wIll last

After you’ve edited your Halloween decor stash, make sure you store the items extra carefully so that they will last year after year. We use durable storage bins and bubble wrap to wrap all items before they go back into the attic!


minimalist halloween decor tips

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