9 Minimalist Hobbies To Try!

Having a hobby doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to accumulate lots of clutter.  There are many hobbies that you can do while keeping your space a clear and clean place to be.  Clutter and boredom can cause an increase in stress and issues with concentration so here are nine minimalist hobbies to try in 2023!

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minimalist hobbies

Minimalist Hobbies To Try

1.  Reading 

Places like Audible and Amazon Kindle have tons of books for free and cheap to download onto an e-reader.  This will help pass the time and you won’t have a ton of books cluttering your space.

2.  Journaling

Journaling on a computer or handheld device can be therapeutic and minimalist.  Write about the things you are feeling or experiencing during quarantine.  It may be interesting to look back in a few years on how you managed to quarantine and social distancing. If you have younger kids, here is a great journal to have them start detailing their quarantine life.

3. Garden

If you’re looking to start a new hobby, gardening can be a great place to start. Not only does it provide you with fresh produce, but it also allows you to be outside and let your creative juices flow. And if you grow your own herbs or vegetables, you can save money by not having to buy them at the grocery store. While there are many benefits to gardening, there are also some things to keep in mind.

One of the key aspects of gardening is being able to maintain the plants properly. You need to make sure that your soil contains the right amount of nutrients and has enough drainage so that your plants stay healthy. Additionally, if you’re starting out as a novice gardener, it’s important to remember that it takes time for plants to grow and mature before they produce fruit or flowers.

4.  Organize Your Photos

Digital scrapbooking is a great hobby to take up. By organizing your photos as a digital scrapbook, you can get all your photos in one place, and you can create a photo book of your memories. You can also print your photos and frame them as art. Digital scrapbooking is a great way to keep memories alive and share them with family and friends.

If you are interested in taking up digital scrapbooking as a hobby, there are many different ways to go about it. You could download an app that allows you to create digital scrapbooks and put your photos in albums or folders. You could also print out all of your photos from your phone and connect them together by using glue or tape for a fun photo garland!

5.  Exercise

Throw on some sneakers and go for a hike, run or walk.  Vitamin D is super important for your health so get out and enjoy the weather if your area isn’t too cold. We invested in a Peloton, which takes up some space but the app offers hundreds of yoga, strength training, running and stretching programs.

6.  Music

There are thousands of youtube videos on how to learn a new instrument such as ukelele, flute, or guitar. You will need an instrument, a music book, and some patience!

7.  Declutter

Make it a point to declutter your living space during this time.  Sell or donate extra items to make some cash!

8.  Photography

Find a cheap camera on eBay or Craigslist and practice taking photos of your life.  Check youtube for beginning photography lessons and invest in a good app for photo editing!

Once you’ve found a camera that suits your needs, practice taking pictures as much as possible.  If you’re just starting out, try taking photos of anything simple: landscapes, animals, or people you know.  As you become more comfortable and confident, try taking photos of more complex subjects: buildings, food, and scenery. Don’t worry if some of your photographs don’t turn out the way you expect.  You’ll get better with time and experience!

9.  Brewing or Distilling Spirits

Lots of people are taking up brewing their own beer or distilling their own alcohol.  Beginner kits are sold on Amazon and all you need are the supplies and some space to work in!  If you don’t want or have these things, look into learning mixology or bartending. 

The key to having a minimalist hobby is that you probably don’t need as many supplies as you think. Even investing in an item or two would be worth passing the time and staving off boredom when you are stuck at home.


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