Minimalist Packing for a Disneyland Day Trip

Minimalist packing doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult.  For Disney fans like myself getting into a routine of packing light for a Disneyland day trip is a challenge I welcome.  The key to successful minimalist packing is to choose the most necessary and lightest items. You don’t want to have to lug around a heavy backpack full of stuff or even waste money on getting a locker! Here are some tips for minimalist packing for a Disneyland Day trip!

Minimalist packing disneyland day trip
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Invest in a Sturdy Backpack

The first thing I suggest is to invest in a sturdy and durable backpack.  Disney allows you to bring backpacks into the park and onto rides so I chose one that is on the smaller side.  My go-to bag is the Jansport Half Pint Backpack.  It’s small with a mini pocket but long enough straps to fit an adult comfortably.  It’s also a great backpack to display some of my pins and buttons.  I’ve also seen lots of people with faux leather Loungefly backpacks!

Cell Phone

I never go to Disneyland without my cell phone.  We use them to check times on the Disney app and to scan in our Max Passes.

Hand sanitizer or Hand Wipes

A minimalist packing list for a Disneyland day trip isn’t complete with some sort of hand protection. I know with the Coronavirus scare hand sanitizer is scarce but it’s a must-have in the Parks!  There simply isn’t enough hand sanitizing stations in the parks. I clip a small bottle to my backpack to make it easily accessible to the kids. I also have at least one person with me to carry actual anti-bacterial wipes to clean up after eating.

Phone charger

An external phone charger is also something I never visit the Parks without.  Even if I wasn’t a blogger I would bring one, since we rely on our phones so much for fast passes and wait times.  Fuel Rod has charging stations in Disneyland and the charger itself is slim and lightweight.  If you don’t have a Fuel Rod or want to invest in a reliable charger, this external charger is a good choice.


They may be on your head for a better part of the day but sunglasses are usually a key item to keep in your bag. Again, a cloudy day may look harmless but sun protection is so important.

Small sunscreen

Sunscreen should be in every backpack you bring to Disneyland.  Often times it may look cloudy in Anaheim but you can still get sunburned.  My favorite sunscreen brand is sun bum and they have smaller bottles that you can travel with.

Pocket Blanket

I love this pocket blanket for parades.  With the new Magic Happens parade, you will want to find a spot early and a pocket blanket will help protect you from sitting directly on the ground.  Choose one that is easy to fold and to wash when you get home!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated in the parks is easy when you have your own water bottle to refill. I keep a small kids hydroflask in my bag that I refill in Batuu!


I always keep a small package of Tylenol just in case my kid’s little legs get sore and tired or if I get a headache.


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