Minimalist Yet Spooky Halloween Decor

How is Halloween in just a few short weeks??  The girls like just a touch of Halloween decor and had asked what the mantel was going to look like.  So I worked on digging out our Halloween decor but I also purged a ton of things that I hadn’t used in years. I had 4 bins and whittled down to two storage bins.  I have no idea why I kept so many things that I stopped decorating with! Read on for some examples of minimalist yet spooky Halloween decor!

Tips and Examples of Minimalist Halloween Decor

minimalist halloween decor black candlesticks
minimalist halloween decor bronze pumpkin bucket

Use a Simple Color Theme

I stuck to my usual easy monochromatic theme, which is black and white.  The candlesticks came from a local thrift shop and I spent a total of $10 for all four of them.  I sprayed them with a black glossy spray paint and bought candlesticks from the dollar store.

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Halloween Decor Theme!

Minimalist halloween decor is the perfect choice for those who are looking for Halloween decorations that don’t overwhelm their homes. For minimalist halloween decor, you must keep the following things in mind to get the best results:

– Keep your décor simple! With minimalist halloween decor, you can buy one or two inexpensive items instead of four or five more expensive ones. Here are some great affordable options at TJ Maxx!

– Decorate with things that are familiar to your family. This will make it easier to maintain and also make it feel like home. Plus, your family will appreciate seeing the same items used in different ways every year!

– Use mirrors, black and white photographs, candles, oranges or pumpkins as decoration for your minimalist halloween decor.

Decorate both high and low spots! For the cabinet, I stuck a few pumpkins on top and also included the hello pumpkin gift box that came from the Target bullseye section.  The sign and the bread board are both vintage.

minimalist halloween decor pumpkins on hutch

 I think that Halloween is the perfect time to show off your creativity and get in touch with your more festive side. In order to help you plan this year’s decorations, I put together a list of items that may be helpful in deciding what you need to create a minimalist halloween decor.

These are some ideas on what you can make with a few simple, inexpensive materials:

– Use black and orange fabric for a layered table runner or cushion cover

– Fill vases with orange and black flowers

– Layer black candles with orange ones on a tray or in individual candle holders

– Place bowls of candy on an ottoman or coffee table

The kids are super happy that the house feels appropriately spooky!  What do you think, just enough or not enough Halloween cheer?

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