Minimalist Valentine’s Day Gifts

Minimalism isn’t about living with zero items, it’s about living with the things that bring value or that you truly love in your life. The journey to clutter free living can often be stopped in its tracks by holidays. Giving and receiving gifts can get expensive and can cause clutter if you don’t understand how minimalists live. Here are six minimalist Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t clutter your home!

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minimalist valentine's day gifts

6 Minimalist Valentine’s Day Gifts

1.  Drive-In Movie date!

Revel in the nostalgia of an old school drive-in night.  Chances are you might have a drive in theater within driving distance.  Pack chairs, a blanket and lots of snacks!

2.  Gift a Plant

Plant purchases have exploded during the pandemic.  Plants clean the air and are pleasing to look at.  If you don’t know where to start, check your local hardware store or shop online!

3.  Make a special dessert

Have you ever attempted brownies, cocoa bombs, cheesecake?  Challenge yourself to baking a special dessert for your partner.  

4. Online Music or Language Lessons

 Gift your partner online lessons!  Popular lesson ideas: ukelele, guitar and the spanish language!

5.  Coffee Subscription

If you have a coffee lover in your life, consider gifting them a coffee subscription.  Places like TRADE have great options for coffee drinkers.

6. Audible membership

Book lovers will appreciate this minimalist gift!  Some Audible membership options include three titles per month (one audiobook and two audible originals), plus 30 percent off any additional titles.

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