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Tips for Organizing a Junk Drawer

We all have it.  Usually found in the kitchen, the junk drawer is the one place where things can be crammed in to to help make the countertops clean.  Let me tell you this, when I’m looking for something in particular, nothing is more frustrating that digging through a drawer full of STUFF.  Usually it is filled to the brim with hanging supplies, receipts, misc papers and whatever else happens to make it in there.  Here are some tips for organizing a junk drawer!


Tips for Organizing a Junk Drawer

1.  Dump everything out of your biggest junk drawer and sort into piles.  

We had a ton of paper in this drawer so everything got either filed or recycled.  I put all of the screws and nails back into the garage where they belong.  Cords and wires were stored with all of the devices they go to.

2.  Make a note of what things will be stored in there.

Will it store mostly office supplies?  Receipts?  Note pads? Make sure to measure the drawer and then clean out any crumbs or marks with soap and a soft cloth.

3.  Keep what you need.

We had a ton of loose change in the drawer.  I challenged the kids to find all of it and count it out!  We actually had about $8 in random change, so I let them split the change and put it in their coin containers.  

4.  Contain the items you keep!

Head to a place where you can get containers and find some that will fit the dimensions of your drawer.   This clear plastic container was purchased at Amazon.

I also found some rechargeable batteries that had been hiding out for the longest time in there.   Can you spot the four note pads that will come in handy but were buried at the very bottom?  I’ve enlisted the entire family to help me keep this clean and organized.  Hopefully it won’t be back to a junk drawer in 6 months!  
Have you tackled organizing a junk drawer lately?  What about organizing a kitchen? Share your tips in the comments!

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