Where to Find Pizza at Disneyland Resort

If you’re a pizza lover and a Disneyland fan, you’re in for a treat! Disneyland is not only known for its thrilling rides and magical atmosphere but also for its delicious food offerings, including pizza. Read on to discover the best places to grab a slice of pizza during your visit to Disneyland Resort.

Where to Find Pizza at Disneyland Resort

Pizza can be found in many locations throughout Disneyland, but some spots are better than others. Here are some of the best places to grab a slice:

1. Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

Located in Disney California Adventure Park, Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta offers a variety of pizza options, including cheese, pepperoni, and vegetables. The restaurant is located near Paradise Bay and offers outdoor seating with a view of the water.

Boardwalk often offers specialty pizza slices like this tasty french onion dip slice! Slices of pizza start at $7.99 and whole pizzas start at $39.99.

Disneyland pizza slice of french onion dip

2. Alien Pizza Planet

Alien Pizza Planet, located in Tomorrowland in Disneyland, offers a Toy Story-themed dining experience with a variety of pizza options, including cheese, pepperoni, and BBQ. They also offer salads, pasta dishes, and desserts. Alien Pizza Planet sells pizza by the slice and has plenty of seating.

The restaurant is one of our favorite places to take a break and fuel up for more adventures in the park. Alien Pizza Planet slices range from $7.99 to $9.99.

3. Hearthstone Lounge

Hearthstone Lounge is definitely a Grand Californian Hotel hidden treasure. This is the perfect place to unwind from the number of people in the parks and Downtown Disney. You can order a craft cocktail at this lounge and choose from four different artisan pizzas. The pizzas at Hearthstone Lounge usually run between $24-28 each.

Hearthstone Lounge Pizza selections:

Margherita Pizza: Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, Grana Padano and Aged Provolone

Disneyland pizza margherita at hearthstone lounge

Charcuterie Pizza: Premium Pepperoni, Proscuitto, Salami, Fennel Sausage, Arugula, Fire-roasted Tomatoes, Grana Padano and Aged Provolone

Forest Mushroom Impossible™ Sausage Pizza: Roasted Mushrooms, Plant-Based Sausage, Mushroom Spread, Caramelized Onions, Green Onions, Fresh Mozzarella, Grana Padano and Aged Provolone

Classic Pepperoni: Premium Pepperoni, Grana Padano and Aged Provolone

4. GCH Craftsman Grill

Similar to the Hearthstone Lounge, GCH Craftsman Grill offers artisanal pizzas for purchase. They offer a Margherita, classic pepperoni, Mushroom Impossible Sausage, and a Charcuterie pizza. We love the GCH Craftsman because it’s one of the least crowded quick-service restaurants at the Resort.

The pizzas at GCH Craftsman Grill usually run between $24-28 each.

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