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Fun Quarantine Summer Bucket List Activities

Summer in 2020 is looking so different due to the Covid pandemic. Many of us are stuck inside on the weekends with entertainment options being fairly limited. Gone are the days of summer blockbusters in a cold theater or in many places, lazy days at the beach. I put together a quarantine summer bucket list with things that can be done while social distancing or quarantining at home.

Quarantine Summer Bucket List Activities

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Fun Quarantine Summer Bucket List Ideas!

  1. Start a fairy garden. We found our items on ebay but Amazon has a great selection!
  2. Complete a fun puzzle. We finished this fun Harry Potter one and this Tsum Tsum one during our time in lock down.
  3. Bake hand pies.
  4. Try your hand at making homemade grilled pizza! This is the pizza stone set we use weekly.
  5. Binge a new or old show. We are making our ways through old episodes of The Twilight Zone!
  6. Explore a new hiking trail.
  7. Complete a reading challenge. Need some ideas? Here are the best memoirs by Black women to read during quarantine!
  8. Do something nice for a veteran. Have dinner or lunch delivered or simply send a note thanking them for their service.
  9. Dye your hair a new color. I use Artic Fox on Kiki and love their cruelty free products.
  10. Organize a Zoom game night. Get some friends and family on a Zoom call and play a fun game like charades!
  11. Plant a garden. It doesn’t have to be big or complicated. Try your hand at growing some fresh herbs or tomatoes.
  12. Make homemade ice cream. My friend Merry has a fun No Churn Almond Joy ice cream recipe!
  13. Hop on a bike and explore your neighborhood.
  14. Invest in a blow up water slide or pool.
  15. Plan a backyard camping session. Don’t forget the smores supplies!

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