10 Questions to Ask Before Embracing Minimalism

Considering embracing minimalism as a lifestyle? Minimalism is simply living life with fewer possessions. It’s a lifestyle that embraces only having exactly what you need. It also means living with intention and removing the items, people or anything that distracts you from living with intention. Are you debating embracing the minimalism lifestyle? It can be a big lifestyle change. Here are 10 questions to ask before embracing minimalism.

questions to ask before embracing minimalism

1. Do I feel like my house is always messy or distracting?

Your home should be the place where you can relax and feel peaceful. If you don’t take stock of what you have. Rooms with clutter, trash or dirty clothes/dishes take a toll on your mental and physical health.

2. Do I wish I had less stuff?

Questions to ask before embracing minimalism are often this basic. Less stuff means less laundry, less dishes, less dusting and less distraction!

3. Do I find myself considering a larger home to fit my things?

This is a super important question to ask before embracing minimalism. I often hear people complain about their lack of space but if they were to empty their home, would they have the space they need? Often that answer would be yes! I’m not suggesting living with nothing but getting in the habit of envisioning working with your space rather than getting an even bigger one may help ease the transition.

4. Do I complain about the lack of space?

Many minimalists find that they don’t ever lack space. Less stuff means less distraction and clutter! It’s really that simple.

5. What does minimalism mean to me?

Minimalism means a lot of different things to different people. If it reflects an appreciation of the things you do have and no desire for “stuff” it might be the right lifestyle for you.

6. Do I purchase things to fill a void in my life?

One key to minimalism is getting down to the reasons why we purchase things. Does money burn a hole on your pocket? Do you shop when you are upset or lonely? To embrace the minimalist lifestyle, start small and go a few days and then a week without purchasing anything.

7. Is Keeping up with the Joneses important to me?

Be honest with yourself. Do you try to keep up with friends and neighbors. If you find yourself answering yes then minimalism is probably for you. Minimalists focus on what makes them happy not what other people have.

8. What could I do with the extra space?

Do you have a cluttered room? Imagine what you could do with it if it was cleared out. When we moved into our home, I knew I wanted one extra room to double as a home office so I worked on clearing out all the extra clutter (5 years worth) and created a bright clean office to work in!

9. How often do I use these items?

It’s important to be really honest with yourself on how often you use or wear certain items. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t touched in over a year. Donate items to non profit organizations who help families in need!

10. Does my space make me feel good?

This is a super important question. When you walk into your home you should feel at peace. I also believe that everyone should have a favorite space in their home whether it be their room, bed, couch or kitchen table. These spaces should make you feel good when you are in them.


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