Questions We Need Answered in SEE Season 3

Season 2 of Apple TV’s SEE is done and done! It was an absolutely thrilling ride and it’s literally one of the best shows on a streaming network that not enough people are watching. It wasn’t perfect, for example nearly all the major deaths in this are POC! Still, I liked the plotting within the Payan Court and I thought Dave Bautista was a fitting foe to Jason Momoa’s Baba Voss. Apple has announced a Season 3 so we now have a year or maybe more to dissect this season! That said, here are some questions that need to be answered in SEE Season 3.


questions for see season 3

UPDATE: At the 2022 San Diego Comic COn, A trailer for SEE Season 3 was released!

Here are some questions that need to be answered in SEE Season 3

Will Sibeth be Punished for killing Paris?

One of the most devastating killings in this season was of Paris at the hands of Sibeth.  Sibeth has yet to truly face the consequences of her actions, yes she was removed from the throne but she still holds power with Kofun’s child growing inside of her.  I have no idea why Paris was killed off, it literally makes no sense even after Paris saved Sibeth from Tamati Jun’s sword.  

Will Haniwa and Wren reunite in Season 3?

Another aspect of Season 2 that upset me was the only LBGTQ couple in this entire series was separated.  During her captivity in Trivantes, Haniwa falls in love with Edo Voss’ number 2 in charge of the army, Wren. At the end of the huge battle, Wren returns to Trivantes leaving Haniwa heartbroken. I hope it’s not for good because Haniwa and Wren deserve a peaceful existence but this is SEE and technically hundreds of people still view them as witches.  Because of this they and any other sited person aren’t safe no matter what Queen Maghra decrees.

Will OLAMON Work with or against the Trevantians?

I was surprised that Olamon didn’t work with Payans to defeat Edo Voss, after all it was Edo who killed Jerlamarel.  Still, I’m wondering if Olamon showing his dynamite skills is a set up to use his talents to sabotage Trivantes. He literally swore vengeance after his father was killed. Will Olamon unite with Kofun and Haniwa to fight for the Payans? 

Will Lord Harlan and Queen Magra Couple Up?

As much as I love Maghra and Baba together, there is some serious chemistry between Harlan and Maghra. Technically they are married due to Sibeth’s plotting, but it’s in name only since Maghra remained faithful to Baba Voss.  I suspect they will grow much closer after Edo’s assassin nearly killed them both.  

Will the Witchfinders Unite with the remaining Trevantians to attack the Payans?

Here’s a twist I loved!  Even after they battled side by side with Kofun and Haniwa, there are certain Witchfinders that just cannot accept sited people.  They defect and leave the service of Queen Maghra. It’s Tamacti Jun that informs Maghra they will eventually become a problem.  Tamacti Jun is the general who trained and served along the Witchfinders for years so he definitely knows that they will eventually have to be dealt with.

And speaking of Tamacti Jun, did anyone else catch that he hasn’t made a decision on if he will continue to serve Queen Maghra?  Remember, he lost his family and he struggles the entire Season 2 with the number of innocent lives he’s taken due to Sibeth’s madness.  Shoutout to Christian Camargo who does an amazing job showing the weariness in Tamacti Jun’s body and spirit.  

Will Baba Voss Return in Season 3?

The biggest question that needs to be answered in SEE Season 3 is the fate of Baba Voss. Here’s what we know.  Babe Voss survived his battle with Edo Voss and he is gravely wounded.  We know he’s physically suffered in this season and his scars and gray hair are more obvious during this period. We know he doesn’t feel like he belongs in Pennsa and said tender goodbyes to his family while they slept. Our last look at Baba Voss is him heading into the woods.  So, is Baba Voss gone for good? 

I doubt it. 

However, he won’t be around for the strife to come and it’s coming whether it be from the remaining Trivantians or from the defected Witchfinders.

So there you have it! Let me know what you thought of SEE Season 2 in the comments!


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