3 Restaurants near the Marina in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is known for its beautiful beaches, but did you know there are some gorgeous lesser known restaurants around the Marina? On a recent trip to Baja and Cabo, we discovered some kid friendly and authentic restaurants near the Marina.    The Marina was less than ten minutes from our hotel so we often went there to eat and explore.  We always felt safe and looked forward to finding someplace new to eat at!   Here are three can’t miss restaurants near the Marina in Cabo San Lucas.

Restaurants near the Marina in Cabo San Lucas-Los Tres Gallos

The restaurant Los Tres Gallos was a recommendation from our lovely pool attendant Maria.  This is where a lot of the locals take their families for a celebratory dinner.  Los Tres Gallos was a beautiful restaurant tucked away in a courtyard.  The colors are vibrant, the food delicious (and served on colorful earthenware) and the drinks are the best we had in Cabo!  Try the carnitas and the Los Tres Gallos specialty margarita!

Restaurants near the Marina in Cabo San Lucas- La Catrina

We ended up at La Catrina when they had a last minute reservation opening.  La Catrina is an open air restaurant near the Cabo Marina.  The food is earthy and the fish tacos and flaming cheese are divine.  La Catrina is great for kids as they were able to give us plain grilled chicken and tortillas for the kids- since that’s the only thing they wanted to eat.  The staff is very friendly, the location is less than a block from the water and the prices are reasonable!

Restaurants near the Marina in Cabo San Lucas-Edith’s

Edith’s is a restaurant you need to try at least once.  Another gorgeous restaurant with hand blown glass hearts that hover above diners.  There is also a pretty view of the water.  I should say that the restaurant has a grill right at the entrance so the area in front is HOT!  They have delectable meat selections plus they make table side caesar said and bananas flambe. While the front desk was friendly most of the other staff wasn’t so it might have been an off day.

Don’t hesitate to head down to the Cabo San Lucas Marina to find some delicious eats!  You can find a wide range of food and make sure you ask the locals where they eat.  That’s where you will find the hidden gems!

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