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Review: Cars on the Road

It’s been several years since the last Cars movie and keeping with the theme of the ever-popular “shorts”, Disney Plus is releasing a new Cars series! Read on for a review of Cars on the Road streaming on September 8 2022 on Disney plus!

cars on the road review poster showing all cars characters

Cars on the road Review

In Cars on the Road, Lighting McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) hit the road to help with Mater’s anxiety surrounding his sister’s wedding. The series of 9 shorts take the two buddies on an epic adventure in which they hunt Bigfoot, get ‘kar’napped by the cast of Mad Max, and get stuck in a mysterious lodge that mirrors The Shining.

While viewers won’t necessarily need to watch the other movies before viewing these shorts, we get glimpses of characters already tied to the Cars universe like Luigi and Ramone plus a few new characters. Viewers will get a glimpse of the things that cause Mater anxiety (his sister moving on without him) but mostly, the shorts are very silly and marketed toward children. They will also get the pleasure of meeting Ivy (Quinta Brunson) as a monster truck who is misunderstood.

cars on the road review mater and lightening mcqueen

Parents might find Cars on the Road amusing as they recognize some of the more adult-themed jokes like the Bigfoot which turns out to be a monster car or the animated details like the cars that mirror several war machines in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Cars on the Road is a bit thin on the humor and message so if you want shorts that are more entertaining, take a look at Baymax! and I AM GROOT.

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Listen to the “Cars on the Road” Soundtrack

Watch an Extended Clip From Ep. 3, “Salt Fever”:

Check Out the “Cars on the Road” Opening Credits Sequence and Theme Song:


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