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Review: Eighty Years of Archie Comics

Tis the season for present ideas and this compilation of Archie comics is a great choice for comic readers! Pulling stories from when the comic was originally published in 1941 until now read on for a full review of The Best of Archie Comics: Eighty Years Eighty Stories!

archie comics eighty years


Celebrate 80 years of Archie and the Riverdale Gang with this fun, full-color commemorative collection of high school hijinks! Contains over 700 pages of classic, much-loved comic book stories – one from each of the 80 illustrious years of Archie Comics publishing.

Each of the comics in THE BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS: 80 YEARS, 80 STORIES has been personally chosen by creators, fans and contributors alike. Featuring special behind-the-scenes anecdotes that shed light on decades of mirth, this is a must-have for all comic book fans everywhere!

Who is Archie?

Created in 1941 Archie Andrews is the focus of the Archie comic books, he’s a teenager in a band. Archie comics showcased a quintessential American town and the teenagers who inhabit it. Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and the rest often get into silly situations, misunderstandings that are cleared up in a few pages and are generally lighthearted fun stories.


The Best of Archie Comics: Eighty Years Eighty Stories is a thick book, perfect for a coffee table or for a comic book lover. Sectioned into chapters that correspond to different years, there are recent 2021 stories included and there are selected stories that go all the way back to 1941. At the beginning of each year there is a short summary that tells the reader specific things that inspired the Aarchie stories chosen. For example, from the section that includes stories from 2005-2001, two stories “I was a Teenage Comic Book Character” and “The Kid Who Wrecked Riverdale” were created for Free Comic Book Day. Free Comic Book Day was created to encourage new comic book readers and still continues to this day!

Most stories are of Archie and his friends navigating high school and silly hijinks and there is a stark difference between the Archie of old and the Archie of new in Riverdale. Recent stories introduce POC characters and differently abled characters like Veronica’s cousin Harper who appears in a blinged out wheel chair.

The Best of Archie Comics: Eighty Years Eighty Stories is nostalgic fun and even though it’s a collection of stories about teenagers, there’s a wholesome nature to the silly predicaments that Archie finds himself in.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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