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Review: Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot Graphic Novel

Early reader graphic novels are becoming increasingly popular for introducing young children to the world of reading. By combining text and illustrations, these books provide an engaging way for children to learn the basics of reading and storytelling. A great example of an early reader graphic novel is James Kochalka’s Glork Patrol series. Read on for a spoiler-free review of Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot!

Glork Patrol Magic Robot graohic novel cover

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In James Kolchalka’s Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot, the Glork Patrol gets a strange box, and inside is a tiny robot named the Glorkbot!  The Glorkian Warrior assures the others that the tony robot is harmless and heads out bidding the others to have fun. It turns out, the Glorkbot is small but mighty and has the ability to dance and fly but when his battery drains, the Glork Patrol panics!

The group heads to see the Magic Robot so he can fix the Glorkbot, but instead, Magic Robot thinks it’s the enemy and tries to eviscerate the Glorkbot!  Lots of yelling and zapping ensues amongst the group. Can the Glork Patrol convince the Magic Robot that the tiny robot isn’t a threat?  

James Kolchalka’s early reader graphic novels are silly and filled with strange characters, making them some of the best books for beginning readers to embrace. In Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot, readers will find their favorite characters returning in a short adventure.  With names like Glorkbot and Baby Quackaboodle, these silly graphic novels are perfect for kids that want longer stories but still love the funny shenanigans of The Glorkian Warrior, who ends up being a Dad who wants his crew to embrace a new member.

The comic panels are large, relying on lots of aquas, pinks, and purples to illustrate the world where the Glork Patrol lives.  I like that the font is bold and only consists of a few phrases at a time making it easy to read for those new to graphic novels.  While you can start with Glork Patrol and the Magic Robot, I’d recommend going back and starting with The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza, which gives some context and introduces readers to the Glorkian universe.

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