The Best San Jose Pie Shops | 2024

The smell of warm, buttery crust and sweet, gooey fillings is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. For pie lovers in San Jose, there is no shortage of delicious options when that craving for a homemade slice hits. From the classics like apple and pecan to creative concoctions featuring chocolate, fruit, and everything in between, these San Jose pie shops deliver pies perfect for any occasion.

Close-up of Homemade Pies

1. The Giving Pies

For a fun twist on the traditional pie, some shops are gaining notoriety for their selection of miniature and handheld pies. These single-serving pies provide the experience of a full-size pie in an adorably petite package.

The Giving Pies is located outside of Willow Glen has a variety of mini pies and they run the gamut from sweet to savory, with fillings like chicken pot pie, apple streusel, key lime pie, pumpkin, and more. They are the perfect portable treat for parties, corporate gifts, or just enjoying yourself without the commitment of a large pie. The Giving Pies also has a limited selection of gluten-free mini pies.

pie shop san jose the giving pies shop

San Jose pie shops like Icing on the Cake in the Los Gatos neighborhood offer rotating selections of hand pies with flaky crusts enveloping creative flavor combinations. Icing on the Cake usually has apple, peach and berry during the summer months and they make an amazing pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving.  

Address for The Giving Pies: 569 W Alma Ave San Jose, CA 95125

Address for Icing on the Cake: 50 W Main St, Los Gatos, CA 95030

2. Sweetdragon Baking Company

Originating in the south, pecan pie secured its place as a holiday dessert staple for a reason. For those seeking a truly unique homemade pecan pie in San Jose, look no further than Sweetdragon Baking Company pies.

pie shop san jose sweetdragon baking co
Image by Sweetdragon Baking Co.

This San Jose pie shop has a signature chocolate pecan pie that contains no corn syrup, relying on brown sugar, butter, eggs, and of course, pecans, to achieve its signature gooeyness. The pounds of fresh pecans make each ridiculously rich bite worth the indulgence. Make sure to call this pie shop to order ahead for pickup!

Address: 898 Lincoln Ave San Jose, CA 95126

3. Gizdich Pies (Found in Zanattos Market)

When it comes to quintessential pie flavors, apple remains one of the most beloved. From Granny Smith to Fuji, bakers load up apple pie fillings with tender chunks of fresh fruit and spice them with cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar for a comforting treat.

For a melt-in-your-mouth apple pie experience, Gizdich Pie’s in Zanattos grocery stores masters the balance of sweet apples and flaky crust. Their sauce features locally grown apples and a hint of vanilla to accent the spices. and pairs perfectly with vanilla ice cream. Gizdich also offers delicious pies like pumpkin and berry utilizing fresh produce for irresistible summer pies.

Go here for a review of Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville!

Address: 1421 Foxworthy San Jose, CA 95118

4. Raoof’s and Jackie’s Place

If you have a soft spot for sweet potato pie, Raoof’s Bean Pies in San Jose is the place to be. This company is dedicated to creating the most indulgent and flavorful sweet potato and bean pies you’ll ever taste.  Raoof’s also sells carrot pies with a silky sweet filling and their well-known flaky crust- it’s a unique dessert! Find them in local farmer’s markets or you can order them online.

Another authentic shop to get sweet potato pies in San Jose is Jackie’s Place which has one of the best sweet potato and key lime pie slices in the entire South Bay Area.   Jackie’s Place specializes in southern food and their desserts are delicious.  

Raoof’s Business website:

Jackie’s Place: 840 North 1st St San Jose, CA 95112

5. Peter’s Bakery

While this gourmet bakery is known for its famous burnt almond cake, its cream pies are just as famous in the South Bay.  Peter’s Bakery offers banana cream, berry cream, lemon cream, and chocolate cream pies.  Chocolate and lemon are offered every day and the rest are on weekends or through special order. Peter’s is pretty old school and their website is for holiday pie ordering only. We recommend calling ahead if you are looking to pick up any whole pies.

Address: 3108 Alum Rock Ave San Jose, CA 95127

6. Beckmann’s Pies (Found at Local Farmer’s Markets)

Beckmann’s is a Santa Cruz-based baking company but they are found at most Bay Area farmer’s markets.  Their authentic butter crust fruit pies always have perfectly seasoned fillings.  We love their apple and apricot pies and their berry and pumpkin pies are outstanding.  Beckmann’s mini pies start at $9 and whole pies are $20+.

pie shop san jose beckmann's

Address: San Jose Farmer’s Market Westfield Oakridge Winfield Blvd. &, Thornwood Dr, San Jose, CA 95123

Other Options

Beyond seasonal occasions, customers also order specialty pies from San Jose shops for life events. For weddings, shops like Bijan Bakery can create beautiful, elaborate pies to serve in place of traditional cakes.  At baby showers or gender reveals, new parents appreciate miniature pies from The Giving Pie as favors for guests. Any big occasion can be commemorated with a perfect pie.

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