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Scary Movies for Tweens To Watch This Halloween!

When Halloween approaches, we set the mood by watching scary movies with the kids. Selecting movies is always a fun aspect, usually we as parents watch the movie first and then decide whether our tween can handle it! In this post I’m sharing the best scary movies for tweens to watch this Halloween!

I’m going to reiterate that it’s super important to view these movies before watching with your child. Some have loud noises to make them jump, and others have curse words that some parents may be uncomfortable sharing with their children. With that said, grab some popcorn and a blanket to make it though these scary movies for tweens!

scary movies tweens


Plot: A deceased couple enlists an exorcist to get rid of the family living in their home.

Beetlejuice is a classic comedy thriller and one of our favorite Halloween movies. There are a few parts that are questionable (Beetlejuice grabs his crotch and Juno smokes massive amounts of cigarettes) but for the most part the cheesy graphics on the monsters aren’t too scary.  


Plot: A family bonds while prepping for an alien invasion. 

Signs is one of the first scary movies we introduced to our tween and she loved it!  There are a few scary moments compounded by the soundtrack but the satisfying ending is worth the thrills!

Sixth Sense

Plot: A child psychologist tries to help a young boy who claims to see dead people.  

Sixth Sense has a few intense moments including a glimpse of people hanging and a teen with a bullet wound to his head so make sure to view this BEFORE you watch with your tween.  If you watch with your kids take note of their reaction to the ending, our tween was shocked!

World War Z

Plot: A former UN representative tracks the origin of a zombie virus through several continents.

Gory and fast paced, World War Z is a  spin on a typical zombie movie.  Lots of jumps and a few curse words make this movie rated PG-13.  Our tween liked how fast the zombies were and said this was her favorite movie in that genre so far.  

The Witches

Plot: A child visits a seaside resort where a coven of witches gathers for their annual convention.

The Witches scared me as a kid, so be careful of the scene where the Witches take off their wigs and face masks. Other than that it’s a fun adventure where you will be rooting for the main characters and his fearless grandma!


Plot: A single mother raises her children in a remote part of England. Mysterious things start to happen in the house when two housekeepers come to work for her.

The Others is creepy and if your child is sensitive to death take note, this is the essence of the movie. If you think your tween would do ok, The Others is a spooky mystery with a sharp surprise at the end!


Plot: A great white shark terrorizes a small beach community.

Jaws has some scares that are likely to thrill your tween. Note: This movie made me terrified of the water when I was a kid but tweens that understand it’s all fake should enjoy it!

A Quiet PLace

Plot: A family struggles to survive on their farm after creatures with hyper sensitive hearing overtake the planet.

A Quiet Place has a scary scene in the beginning that results in the loss of a child. If you can get past that, it’s a taut thriller that only has a few lines of dialogue.


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