See Season Three Review

Three years ago Apple TV launched and gave is the weirdest yet all consuming drama in the form of SEE starring Jason Momoa.  Momoa had starred in similar drama series but SEE was completely different in that Momoa plays a blind warrior desperate to keep his sighted children safe. Season three is the final season for the show, so let’s jump in and discuss where the series closed out.

Heavy spoilers ahead!

SEE season three

RIP Baba Voss

The legendary Baba Voss finally dies but only because he chooses to do so.  Baba destroys the god thunder weapons (bombs) that Jerlamarel’s children had built to fill the demands of the Trivantians.  His loss is devastating to everyone but especially Mahgra and we finally get a GORGEOUS sequence that shows how Baba and Mahgra initially met and fell in love. Thanks for everything Baba Voss and Momoa, we won’t forget you.

Haniwa and Wren reunite

Our favorite sighted couple Wren and Haniwa reunite in season three AND they get married.  Haniwa and Wren end up in the former New York City where sighted people are working or doing something that involves books and guns.  I hate that this is the last season because I would have LOVED to see what they were plotting in that iconic New York library.

Haniwa decides to leave Pensa because peace is tenuous and sighted people are still be blamed for violence and witchery despite Maghra being Queen.

Sibeth finally gets what she deserves

Listen, no one does evil things in such a high-pitched voice as Sylvia Hoeks.  After her disgusting act against Paris in Season 2, it’s fun to see Baba Voss hunting Sibeth but ultimately it’s Maghra who takes Sibeth out with her own weapon!  

Sibeth’s abandonment of Wolffe is interesting because it shows just how far she will go to retain power.  Once the wind changes and people started rejecting the sighted, Sibeth realizes that the only way to be revered as queen again is to go to war against Pensa.

Tamacti Jun remains by Maghra’s side

I swore that Tamacti Jun wouldn’t survive the series finale but he did.  He walked the fine line between supporting Maghra and serving justice to the traitorous Witchfinders.  I felt his redemption arc was perfect and will miss his dry one-liners.  

One more thing, it’s at the very end of the series that I realize that Tamacti Jun loved Maghra. I’m not saying it in the romantic sense but he loves and respects her and it truly showed in this season.

Kofun learns nothing

Finally, we come to Kofun who has easily been the most frustrating character in this series. Kofun hasn’t really found his place in the world even after training with his father and being the reluctant father to Wolffe, his blind son with Sibeth.  He’s not even a great fighter and essentially gets his ass kicked by Haniwa after they he burns Jerlamarel’s library.

At the very end, Kofun decides that he’s had enough of the sighted world and tells Maghra that he is going to have his sight removed.  It’s an interesting choice for a character that has never really excelled at anything and continues to make a mess of his life.

Season three of SEE ties up nicely all of the loose ends and we see the characters preparing for an uncertain future. The show still showcases the most beautiful sets and we finally find out how Harlan has been able to access other cities in secret through his smuggling tunnels.


  • Bow Lion briefly returns but then is killed by the god thunder early in the season. She was one of the few characters from the original pilot that made it to the last season.
  • I liked how Edo Voss still had a presence in this series as he is brought up several times by the Trivantians.
  • Harlan goes out on his own terms but leaves a map for Maghra in case she has to flee the city. I loved that he finally admitted his feelings for Maghra and that she was aware he loved her.

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