Simple Methods For Organizing Jewelry!

Are you someone that owns several pieces of jewelry? Do you put it all together in one jewelry box? In order to keep your pieces lasting for a lifetime, it’s important to store them properly. Here are some simple methods for organizing jewelry!

Methods For Organizing Jewelry

The BEST Simple Methods For Organizing Jewelry

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The Utensil Divider METHOD

If you are striving towards minimalism, it’s important to shop your own home before heading to the big box store. Check to see if you have an extra flatware divider and use that to organize! Using a flatware divider is a great way to organize your necklaces and bracelets. Consider lining the dividers with pieces of velvet to protect your necklaces. Insert the divider into a dresser drawer or even a nightstand!

If you don’t have a flatware divider then many places make specific dividers for jewelry items like the ones below!


Another great idea is to use a shoe pouch. Pick up one of those shoe organizers with clear plastic pouches. Hang it on the back of your closet door. Using the clear pouches will allow you to see immediately where everything is. Drop a bracelet or necklace into each pouch. Each piece of jewelry will have its own pouch, and you can grab whatever you need as you’re dressing. Using a shoe pouch works best for chunky fashion jewelry instead of fine jewelry, which can become tangled or damaged.

Necklaces are notorious for getting tangled and knotted. Here are two ways to hang them neatly to avoid these problems. One is to hook them. This is a great way to organize your necklaces and keep them from tangling. Buy some small wall hooks and screw them into the back of your closet door or to an inside closet wall and drape one or two necklaces over each hook. If you don’t want to put hooks in your wall there are mini shelves that have hooks already installed on them!


The second way is to use a belt hanger. Organizing your necklaces with a belt hanger is a great idea. Use one of those plastic-covered hangers with multiple hooks intended for belts. Drape one or two necklaces over each hook and hang the whole thing in the closet. Your necklaces will be organized and much easier to find. The added bonus is they will be untangled!


If you don’t want to shop your home or don’t have anything that could be used to hold your precious items, consider a jewelry stand like the ones below!


Got any extra ice cube trays laying around? For smaller items like rings, earrings, and decorative pins, using ice cube trays is perfect. Drop these items into ice cube trays, and then just slide the tray into your dresser or nightstand drawer. The compartments are perfect for these smaller items.

For your everyday jewelry pieces, make sure you have a small dish that can hold important pieces.


Earrings and their backs are one of the easiest items to misplace. You can spend quite some time hunting through a jewelry box to find a matching pair. An inexpensive idea for earring storage is to hang them from a ribbon.

Buy a length of pretty ribbon from a craft store and hang it against a closet wall or on the back of the closet door. Tap a nail into one end to secure it, or screw a small cup hook into the wall or door. Punch a hole in one end of the ribbon so you can slip it over the hook.Take each matching pair and pierce them through the ribbon. Now your matched earrings will be easy to find!


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