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Snacks to Pack for Disney’s Aulani Resort 2024

There’s no denying it, Disney’s Aulani can be expensive and so, I try to find every way I can to save money when we visit. There are so many snacks at the resort to try (I discuss them here) but my youngest is very picky and I do my best to bring fun snacks that everyone can eat poolside or by the beach. Our family usually looks for individual servings or at least things that pair with items that we can buy at the Aulani shops. Here are some snacks to pack for Disney’s Aulani resort!

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STAPLES (Pretzels & Popcorn)

We always snack on popcorn and pretzels down by the pool.  These 100 calorie packs of pretzels are perfect to throw in our beach bag.  I like packing these bags of kettle popcorn. They are low in calories and Boom Chicka Pop offers different flavors. The kids enjoy these Special Edition Disney snacks which taste like regular goldfish but include fun Mickey shapes.

Dried Fruit

Every time we go to Aulani, we stop at Costco or Target and get some bags of dried mangoDried mango or pineapple is filling and it’s a great healthy snack for the kids to snack on between meals. If I can’t mango I always try to get apple chips or banana chips instead. The mess is minimal and I also bring single servings of sunbutter or almond butter for the kids to dip their apple chips in!

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When it comes to snacks to pack for Aulani, I’m lucky that my family loves nuts and will happily snack on these while on the Aulani beach. Pistachios are our favorite but when I’m not in the mood to deal with shells I usually bring salted almonds or cashews. We also love these trail mix packs which are a perfect solution for that salty-sweet craving.

Cereal Cups

Doubling as both breakfast or a snack, I bring several types of cereal cups for the kids. Our toddler usually eats these for breakfast (I buy a carton of milk from Target or at the Aulani Kalepa Store.)

snacks to pack for Aulani


Coffee and lemonade are options when purchasing Aulani’s reusable cups but I also buy special treats for the kids like POG juice since it’s not readily available in our area. POG juice is Passion-orange-guava and Hawaiian Sun sells it in can form. Find these drinks at the nearby Target and Costco!

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