Snacks to Skip at Disneyland!

The two major reasons we go to Disneyland are the fun and the food! On each visit, we try to sample at least one new food whether it’s a classic or a seasonal treat. Let’s be real, calories don’t count at the Happiest Place on Earth right?? After years of visiting and sampling, today I’m sharing the snacks to skip at Disneyland!

1.  Chimichanga

I’ve heard people mention that the chimichanga is a little-known snack that is delicious at Disneyland. Maybe I had an off day but the chimichanga I tried was not good. The tortilla was stale and the filling was super salty. Skip this snack at Disneyland and try the loaded baked potatoes instead!

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2.  Turkey Leg

Listen, turkey legs might look fun but they are incredibly salty and nothing special. This salty and savory treat has been a staple of the park since its early days and is still just as popular today. Though the turkey leg looks like it would be packed with flavor, they are incredibly salty and nothing special. Skip them and head to the Bengal BBQ for a beef or chicken skewer instead! The spicy sauce is our favorite!

3.  Flavored churros

The original churros are LOVED by my family but I have yet to eat a flavored churro that tastes good. We bought the below chocolate-covered churro to try last year. The kids were so excited but we soon realized that it was a soggy mess.

Stick with the classic, you can’t go wrong there!

snacks to skip Disneyland flavored churro
Chocolate covered Churro

4. Blue/Green milk

This might be controversial but the Blue and Green milk in Galaxy’s Edge is disgusting. It tastes way too sweet and it’s just thick and not good. Stick with the Meiloorun Juice from the Black Spire Outpost; it’s delicious and refreshing!

While there are countless tasty snacks to enjoy at Disneyland, there are also some that should be skipped. Whether you’re looking to save money, eat healthier, or avoid long lines, it’s important to know which snacks are worth skipping. From the sugary special-themed churros and cotton candy to the overpriced popcorn and turkey legs, there are plenty of options that can be easily passed up.

Instead, consider trying some of the healthier or more unique snack options available at the park, such as fresh fruit, skewers, beignets, and baked potatoes. By making informed choices about what snacks to indulge in, you can make the most of your time at Disneyland and keep your taste buds happy without sacrificing your health or your wallet.


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