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Souvenirs Not to Buy at Disney Parks

A good Disney trip always involves your favorite foods, rides, and the special things that you gift to yourself and others during a trip! As a minimalist, I tend to be very selective in what I collect but I always tend to purchase an Alex and Ani bracelet especially when they have their limited edition versions. Souvenirs are usually an important part of a trip so I’m here to share the souvenirs NOT to buy at Disney Parks!

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souvenirs not to buy at disney

1.  Bubble Wands

While the bubble wands are super cute, they are around $25 and break rather easily.  There are more durable and cheaper options at places at Target and Amazon, like this adorable Cinderella themed one.

2.  Glow items 

One souvenir not to buy at Disney Parks is glow and light up items! Glow items like sticks and wands are cheaper everywhere else than Disney.  We usually get a small package of glow necklaces for nighttime parades.  Check the Dollar store or Amazon for glow sticks and light up necklaces!

3.  Clothing

Places like Target, Zara and even Target have cute affordable Disney clothing. Trust me, I know because my tween is very particular about what she wears to the Parks. Comfort is her main concern so we’ve found lots of affordable pieces in other places other than Disney Parks.

4.  Drink Cups

Did you know you can bring in your own sealed beverages to Disney?  We usually buy large bottles of water to keep in our strollers or backpacks.  Or we fill our Hydroflasks with ice-cold water and it keeps throughout even the hottest of days! Unless it’s a really cool item we don’t buy the souvenir cups at Disney. If you want something fun to bring try this cute Beauty and the Beast tumbler!

5. Balloons

Don’t do it. While you may be able to get a new balloon if yours pops, I encourage you to spend your money on a special dessert or a limited edition pin. Balloons get in people’s faces while walking and are overpriced.

6. Princess Dresses

While it may be tempting to buy your child a princess dress to wear in the park, it can be expensive and uncomfortable to wear all day.

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