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Spoiler Free Space Jam: A New Legacy Review!

With theaters now open, we made the trek out to San Francisco to see a special screening of Space Jam: A New Legacy. Hilarious with some cool CGI, Space Jam feels like it was created specifically for a new generation. Here’s my spoiler free review of Space Jam: A New Legacy!

space jam legacy review

What to Expect in Space Jam a New Legacy

The basic premise of Space Jam is that NBA superstar Lebron James and his son trapped in an alternate dimension, forced to play an insane game of basketball in exchange for their freedom. The first half of the movie is James recruiting for his team and he ends up with a less than stellar starting line that includes the Tasmanian Devil, Granny and Bugs Bunny.  

space jam legacy review

There’s no doubt Space Jam: A New Legacy is entertaining.  James’ acting is a bit wooden but Sonequa Martin-Green and Khris Davis shine in their roles.  Don Cheadle is a cheeky in this role as an algorithm who is determined to beat James at villain his son’s version of basketball. There are several funny instances of James not being ready for just how different Space Jam is to his regular NBA games and its fun searching the crowd to see classic WB characters.

Is Space Jam Appropriate for Kids?

Kids will adore Space Jam: A New Legacy and it’s appropriate for them.  The movie a bit slow in the beginning but the moment Lebron James is ushered into the WB cartoon world, it’s non stop fun.  Many of the references to WB IP will go over their heads, like characters from Game of Thrones, Tim Burton Batman films or Mad Max.  What they will understand is a silly but energetic villain in Don Cheadle and some very cool CGI when the Space Jam basketball game actually starts.

How can I watch Space Jam New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy is streaming on HBO Max and showing in theaters.  Head to Fandango to get your tickets!

Rating 3.5 stars


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