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Spooky Graphic Novels for Tweens for Halloween!

During this pandemic, my kids have been reading so much more to pass the time. My Tween loves books and always reaches for a graphic novel during quiet time. It’s so interesting, comics and graphic novels have really evolved over time.  These days graphic novels aren’t only stories of superheroes saving the world. They are filled with rich stories with relatable characters and family situations.  Some graphic novels cover history like the life Alexander Hamilton, while others tackle social issues like bullying and fitting in.  In this list you will find the best spooky graphic novels for tweens perfect for Halloween!

These graphic novels transport kids to worlds with just a hint of spookiness to embrace the Halloween season.  The list includes classics like Coraline and newer franchises like Stranger Things.  Also included in this spooky graphic novels for tweens list is wonderful ghost story about formerly conjoined twins (The Phantom Twin) and two friends exploring a mystery at a ranch (Surfside Girls).

Spooky Graphic Novels for Tweens

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