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Spy Ninja’s New Books and Toy Release!

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For the 2022 holiday season, Spy Ninjas has released books and toys, including, Spy Ninja’s Virtual Reality Madness and Spy Ninja’s The Ultimate Guidebook! Read on for a spoiler-free book review.

spy ninjas books toys

Books are provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

The Spy Ninjas are a group of YouTubers and content creators who produce videos featuring challenges, pranks, and other forms of entertainment. The group is centered around Chad Wild Clay, who is known for creating videos that involve spy missions, parkour, and other physical challenges. The Spy Ninjas also include Vy Qwaint, who creates makeup and fashion tutorials, and other members who specialize in various types of content.

In Spy Ninjas: Virtual Reality Madness! Chad and Vy investigate the secret Project Zorgo base. Being the curious types, Chad and Vy try on VR headsets and find themselves sucked into a virtual world with exploding food and weird villains. It’s a battle of wits and physical abilities against Project Zorgo and while Chad and Vy fight for their freedom within the virtual world, their friends try to take down Project Zorgo from the outside.

Vannotes and Mike Anderson weave an exciting story with some interesting art in this graphic novel. When our heroes are within the virtual world they take on the look of legos and Minecraft characters. The artwork does a great job of showing physical movement and action with our heroes jumping and using the powers within the virtual world to their advantage.

In Spy Ninjas: The Ultimate Guidebook, readers are introduced to all members of the Spy Ninjas and the various spy gadgets they use. Readers also get some background on Project Zorgo the main villains that the Spy Ninja crew fights against. The book is a collection of stories and screenshots from the popular Youtube show and readers can follow along and get extra details on their favorite Spy Ninjas adventure!

spy ninjas books toys

The Spy Ninajs released the new Night Vision Mission Kit! This Mission Kit includes Night Vision Goggles with a Green LED Light, Removeable Flashlight, and Magnifying Lens. It also comes with a Spy Ninjas Utility Belt and Decoder Wheel, two Activity Books, A Certificate of Achievement, Spy Ninjas ID Card, and a Notebook!

The Spy Ninjas Decoys and Diversions Kit includes a remote Control Decoy Device Housing Unit, Remote Control Decoy Disc, Ninja Sticky Stars, two Activity Books, Certificate of Achievement, and Spy Ninjas ID Card!

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