17 Things to Do In Galaxy’s Edge

After visiting Galaxy’s Edge several times with the family, I realized there are certain things I look forward to!  A visit with Chewy, a rondo wrap and an ice cold Batuu themed drink are the things I always do!  You might have heard good and bad things about Galaxy’s Edge but like every other Disney themed land, there are worthy things to try out.  Here’s a list of 17 things to do in Galaxy’s Edge!

things in Galaxy's Edge
Dusk in Galaxy’s Edge
  • Ride Smuggler’s Run (if you want to be really challenged, try the pilot position!)
  • Build a Droid, just know that prices start at $99.
  • Watch Chewy Freak Out About a Busted X Wing near the Resistance Supply
  • Watch Vi fight Storm Troopers in a mini show
Rey in Galaxys Edge
Rey roaming Batuu
  • Compare the Green and Blue Milk drinks
  • Pet the strange animals in Black Spire Outpost
  • Take a Photo with Rey
  • Watch Kylo Ren roam with Storm Troopers
  • Try a delicious Ronto Wrap 
  • Watch the fireworks show in front of the Millennium Falcon. Get your space early, it gets crowded early!
  • Fill up your water bottle using the cool fountains in Black Spire Outpost!
  • Take a photo with Chewie, he roams around the Resistance Supply area.
  • Spot R2D2 in the Droid Depot
  • Use the Play Disney Parks App to trigger interactive aspects of the land
  • Try the different flavors of popcorn sold at Kat Saka’s Kettle
  • Build a lightsaber at Saavi’s Workshop

What’s the most favorite thing you’ve done in Galaxy’s Edge? Did I miss anything that should be added? Sound off in the comments!


things to do in galaxys edge

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