Things Minimalists Spend Their Money On

Minimalism is many things but the core principals are living life with intention and rejecting the theory that owning more will make you happier. The key to minimalism is to spend your money on things you genuinely enjoy.  If you are just starting your minimalism journey but don’t know what to spend your money on, I’m here to help! Here are 9 things minimalists spend money on.

things minimalists spend money on


1.  Experiences

Experiences are the main thing minimalists spend their money on!


  1. Travel
  2. Musicals
  3. Quality restaurants
  4. Museums
  5. Sports games
  6. Road trips

The bottom line is that many minimalists spend their money on DOING things. Minimalists also focus on spending time with friends and family doing those exact things!  Experiences are usually worth more than the next kitchen gadget or electronic device that we’ve been told we need by advertisements.

2.  Investing

Some minimalists focus on investments so they can retire early.  The Etrade app is a great place to start investing or consider hiring a money manager to get you to your goals sooner.

3. Specific Things That bring Them Joy

Some minimalists are collectors. Remember, minimalism isn’t just about decluttering your space. If you have a stamp or book collection that brings you joy then that’s totally ok. Personally, plants bring me joy so I never hesitate on bring some bright green foliage into my home!

4. Some Minimalists Spend money on Good Food

Some minimalists are major foodies!  Visiting new cafes or trying Michelin-starred restaurants are some things that Minimalists pursue.  I also know minimalists that are expert cooks and they spend their money on quality ingredients and cooking tools.

5. eBooks

I personally purchase ebooks!  Places like Audible have thousands of affordable novels.   it satisfies my need for books but doesn’t include the clutter that physical books bring.

6. Education

Many minimalists spend their money on classes or learning a new hobby. Minimalists can literally learn anything on the internet or by hiring personal tutors whether it be for college, learning a musical instrument or a new skill.

7.  many minimalists spend money on Supporting Charities

Philanthropy is an important aspect of money to many minimalists.  Supporting non-profit organizations like Unravel Pediatric Cancer or Toys for Tots is something I do every single year.

8.  School Loans

Many millennial minimalists are paying off student loans.  The loan business is booming on the US and with no forgiveness in sight, many minimalists make it a priority to pay them down.

9.  Renovations

I personally spend my hard-earned money on renovations.  It’s really important that my home reflects a peaceful space and in order to do that I’ve concentrated on renovating every single home we’ve owned.  Because we have a home that we like to entertain at, it’s important that we make it comfortable and functional for our lifestyle.  Check out our minimalist kitchen renovation and our minimalist laundry room makeover!

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