Things Minimalists Would Never Buy in 2023!

Minimalism may look different for everybody but at its core, it requires us to eliminate certain things in order to have a life with less stuff to worry about. Consumerism has taught us to gather more possessions in order to be happy. However, this slowly traps us in the never-ending rat race of buying and using more things. If you’re thinking of removing yourself from such a vicious circle, try to buy less and live minimally. Minimalism will help you to figure out what’s important to you, and once you adopt it you’ll see yourself living more intentionally with your time and money. Here’s the thing, I know starting off can be difficult. So, I made a list of 7 things minimalists would never buy to help you jump-start this new lifestyle.

Things Minimalists Would Never Buy
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Read on for a quick list of things minimalists would never buy

1. Single-use items

Minimalists typically don’t buy single-use items such as disposable plates, plastic straws, paper napkins, plastic/paper coffee cups, plastic shopping bags, packaged water bottles, etc. Not only do these items create unnecessary clutter in your house but some of them also have really terrible effects on the environment.

Many reusable alternatives are available for such items, which can help reduce clutter and save some money. For instance, you can use washable cloth napkins for cleaning purposes, invest in a travel mug for coffee, carry your own water bottle made of metal or glass, etc. 

2.  Trendy clothes

Trendy clothes become old really fast as fashion changes ALL THE TIME which is why this item is on my list of things minimalists would never buy. You’ll always lose money and gather clutter in your wardrobe if you stay updated with fleeting trends. Instead of buying new apparel for each season try to stick with one style that you find comfortable for your body. Also, only buy clothes that are made out of quality material, as they won’t wear out easily. You should also consider creating a capsule wardrobe to avoid buying many clothes!

3. Home décor

It’s no secret that I LOVE home decor. But as a minimalist, I’m really particular about what I bring into my home. I’m not suggesting to stop buying new things for your home once and for all. What I mean is, you should buy only those things which have some purpose or add value to your life.

For instance, say you need a new chair for your office. You go and find one but you also find a table, a paperweight, and a piece of art also. Don’t get tempted to buy other displayed products which stores encourage you to do by design.

4. Souvenirs

Minimalists tend not to buy souvenirs for every trip they go on. It‘s common practice to buy souvenirs for your loved ones and yourself whenever you travel but these pricey items end up creating extra clutter in homes. Most minimalists invest their money in experiences (travel, museums, restaurants) for themself and their families rather than buying some useless stuff.

5. Seasonal Decorations

Avoid buying new decorations for each season because you can use the items you already have to tweak one or two things for a fresh look. However, there is nothing wrong with buying such things but the KEY is not to get carried away in the store and return home with lots of unnecessary stuff. Also, consider minimizing your Christmas decorations if you can, these tend to cause the most clutter out of all the holidays!

6. Purses, Bags, Watches, Jewelry

We all have a tendency to buy these things as they instantly attract our attention but once you stop buying all these items you’ll realize that you no longer care for them. It’s fine if you own these items in a limited amount for your daily use but hoarding them just because you like them is probably not a good idea.

7. Stuff on sale 

Sale items fall into the category of things minimalists would never buy. Sales have a way to trap you into buying things that are of no use to you. Of course, there are good sales that save you money but most of the time you end up spending more than your budget. So, if you truly want to be a minimalist try avoiding items on sale which can create extra clutter in your home.

Here’s the thing, becoming a minimalist takes time and you can’t purge every single thing in your home all at once. However, with little introspection and practice, you can figure out what’s important to you and remove everything that’s refraining you from focusing on it. Also, remember to let go of things periodically by asking yourself if you really love something or are just holding on to it for a particular reason.

 Also, I would love to know what other things you’ve stopped buying as a minimalist. Let me know in the comments!

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