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5 Things NOT to do at Galaxy Edge

Now that Galaxy’s Edge has been open for awhile, I’ve been able to put some thoughts together on the dos and don’ts of the area. Galaxy’s Edge is a special place, it almost feels like a completely separate park and that’s a good thing! It feels completely immersive and a place for Star Wars fan and non fans to get lost in. With that said I have a few pieces of advice fore people heading to Galaxy’s Edge. Here are 5 things not to do at Galaxy’s Edge!

Steal Galaxy’s Edge Items 

Please do not steal Galaxy’s Edge items like the metal sporks or pieces of the props at smugglers run.  It’s so terrible that these items are finding their way onto eBay and other similar sites.  Disney imagineers work hard to provide a realistic atmosphere and I was so disappointed to see pieces of props in the queue at Smuggler’s Run had been chipped off nearly a few weeks after opening.

things not to do at galaxys edge smuggler's run

Not make reservations for Oga’s Cantina

Don’t miss making reservations at Oga’s Cantina, they are a must!  Make sure to get familiar with the Disneyland app so that you can make reservations for Oga’s Cantina and not have to worry about waiting in line.  It’s a fun place to get a drink and to be absolutely immersed in the Star Wars environment. 

Rush through the area

I would recommend NOT rushing through Galaxy’s Edge.  Take the time to browse the Black Spire outpost, watch the various mini shows and try all the food.  One of the best things we did was take pictures in front of the Millennium Falcon and then watch the fireworks show.  A lot of other people had the same idea but it was so nice to see the fireworks over the top of all the Galaxy’s Edge buildings.  Just make sure to stake out a spot for fireworks early!

chewbacca galaxys edge

Ride Smuggler’s Run only Once

I can’t discuss things not to do at Galaxy’s Edge without mentioning this major one! Don’t ride Smuggler’s Run only once!  Ride multiple times and try out the different positions on the ship.  I can safely say that the pilot is the hardest position and that the others are easier and just involve pushing lighted buttons and switches.  Here’s the thing with Smuggler’s Run…your cremates can make or break the experience.  We were lucky to have one good run where we picked up two of the bundles before crashing.  On other runs where we didn’t know some of our crew mates it was hard to have a good run.  Smuggler’s Run is a challenging experience so make sure you ride it multiple times especially if you don’t know any of your crew mates!

things not to do at Galaxy's edge

Avoid the Cast Members

Don’t miss out interacting with the Galaxy’s Edge cast members!  They were encouraged to create their own Star Wars personalities and back stories!  We had a cast member ask us what we thought of the Blue Milk and another asked to pet my daughter’s Porg.  They had an entire conversation on if they get cranky and what they eat.  I’ve seen other cast members interact with the land itself by slapping at digital flies that land on stall windows and seen characters like Rey and Vi hide from storm troopers.  


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2 thoughts on “5 Things NOT to do at Galaxy Edge”

  1. Dorothy Dennis

    i take it that if i go to Galaxy edge that I can’t get to the main park, I have to stay at Hollywood?

    1. tiffany

      Hi! Galaxy’s Edge is inside Disneyland and inside the Magic Kingdom.

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