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6 Things That SHOULD Be in the New TIANA Show!

Disney Investor Day is the key event that Disney fans should never miss! This year there were so many announcements but one stuck out for me. Disney+ will have a brand new show called TIANA, premiering sometime in 2022. The show is set to be a long-form musical comedy series featuring Tiana and her friends. Disney shared during that Tiana will follow Tiana’s life in both the kingdom of Maldonia and New Orleans. Here are six things that should be in the new Tiana show!

things that should be in the new Tiana show


More of Tiana’s PALACE

Give me jazz music, give me Tiana’s beignets and gumbo, give me lots of Black characters dressed to the nines, enjoying the community feel of Tiana’s Palace.

Lottie Finds Love?

Can Lottie find love already and it NOT Prince Naveen’s baby brother?  Lottie’s always been a favorite of ours because she’s genuinely a good friend who does what she can to help Tiana. Who can forget her getting Tiana fixed up after the disastrous episode with the beignets?

The Kingdom of Maldonia  

I’m so excited that we will finally get more information on Maldonia now that Tiana is the Princess of this country.  What are the people like? Does it have a huge castle? I hope these questions are answered!

Prince Naveen Pursues a Music Career

Listen, we know Naveen loves to party but now that Tiana’s Place is up and running, can we get Naveen starting a band or something?

More of Tiana’s Friends!

One of my favorite parts of Princess and the Frog is when Tiana’s friends come in to convince her to go out.  I love their outfits, their smiles and know that it’s not often we see Black characters during the Roaring 20’s.

More Mama Odie Please

I’m hoping that we will get to see the Bayou again and the magic of Mama Odie.  

What are you hoping to see in the new TIANA show on Disney+? It premieres sometime in 2022!


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