49 Easy Things To Declutter

Since so many of us are staying safe indoors, what better opportunity than to concentrate on how your living space makes you feel?  This is a great opportunity to start decluttering your home.  Clutter causes stress and creates an environment that is hard to relax and concentrate in.  I’ve put together a list of 49 easy things to declutter!

easy things to declutter during quarantine

1.  Old towels (donate them to your local animal shelter when it’s safe to drop off!)

2. Clothes that don’t fit

3.  Kitchen gadgets you never use

4.  Expired medication

5. Travel-sized or sample-size toiletries (local shelters can always use items like these!)

6.  Ignored toys

7. Random cords like HDMI/USB/VGR

8. Old credit cards

9. Financial documents older than 7 years (shred them all!)

10. Old puzzles (put them up on mercari (click to get a $10 coupon!) or FB marketplace to make some cash!)

11.  Rusted or bent bobby pins

12. Old nail polish bottles

13. Old blankets (another item that local animal shelters can use!)

14. Coffee mugs 

15. Stuffed animals (if they are in good condition donate to local hospitals when it’s safe to drop them off!)

16. Holiday decorations you don’t love

17.  Old greeting cards

18.  Books you will never pick up again

19. Junk mail

20. Furniture you never got around to refinishing

21. Paint cans (donate to your local hazard waste drop-off when it’s safe to do curbside dropoff)

22. Old magazines (recycle them!)

23. Shoes you never wear

24. Old electronics

25. Shoes you don’t wear

26. Old receipts

27. Broken jewelry

28.  Old prescription glasses

29. Old essential oil bottles

30. Ratty or torn pet toys

31. Broken or old picture frames

32. Sports equipment that isn’t used anymore

33. Cleaning supplies that don’t get used

34. Ill-fitting clothing (check your undergarments and workout clothes!)

35. Special marinades or jams that you were gifted

36. Old remote controls

37. Product manuals

38. Takeout menus

39. Expired sunscreen

40. Board games that never get played with

41. Old opened wine bottles (dump them and recycle them!)

42. Expired seasonings

43. Extra reusable bags

44. Stained plastic containers

45. Old candles

46. Old notebooks or sketchbooks

47. Phone apps and programs you never use

48.  Old software cd’s

49. Expired food

Did you find this list helpful? anything you would add or delete? Let me know in the comments!

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