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Things to Know About The Ice Age The Adventures of Buck Wild

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““The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild” continues the hilarious escapades of the sub-zero heroes as they create more prehistoric pandemonium. Eager for a little independence, the thrill-seeking possum brothers Crash and Eddie set out to find a place of their own but soon find themselves trapped beneath the ice in a massive cave inhabited by dinosaurs. They are rescued by the one-eyed, adventure-loving weasel Buck Wild, and together, with the help of some new friends, embark on a mission to save the Lost World from dinosaur domination.”

ice age adventures of buck wild

What to Know About Ice Age The Adventures of Buck Wild

1.  This move is a continuation of the previous Ice Age movies with some of the same characters.  Most of the super star voice actors don’t reprise their roles but Simon Pegg is back as “Buck” Wild. His voice is so soothing, I think it must be the English accent!

2.  The plot of “The Ice Age The Adventures of Buck Wild” is easy for kids to follow and the graphics are average but kids will like the fun banter between Crash and Eddie. Parents will feel a sense of familiarity with them wanting to leave their home and go out on their own.

3. I would absolutely recommend watch the previous Ice Age movies because those establish the relationships and how the animal characters came together to create a family.

4. “The Ice Age The Adventures of Buck Wild” is a solid family movie and is streaming now on Disney+!

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