Things to Try at Disneyland That You Probably Have Never Done

There is a lot that Disneyland is known for as well as plenty of secrets to discover. For all the many ways you can enjoy this unique and significant park, here are some simple things to try at Disneyland that you have probably never done.

mark twain riverboat

Ride Jingles on King Arthur’s Carousel

King Arthur’s Carousel is the beloved piece of classic kinetic energy that hits you from the Castle as you enter Disneyland’s incredible Fantasyland. There is a lot to do and many secrets to discover in this ultra-packed land, but one fun thing to do before you stray too far is to ride the Carousel which is a symbolic recreation of Walt Disney’s inspiration behind his magical park. Jingles is a special horse dedicated to Julie Andrews, who played Mary Poppins.

Things to Try at Disneyland That You Probably Have Never Done ride jingles
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Explore the many decks of the Mark Twain Riverboat

The Mark Twain is one of the jewels of Disneyland. The steamboat alone is one of the things to try at Disneyland if you never have. It’s a beautiful historical representation of a bygone era. The scenic tour around the Rivers of America is a real treat.

The Mark Twain is one of three unique ways to explore the banks of Tom Sawyer Island and the surrounding frontier, but there are actually four different decks that provide individual experiences of the attraction. From the sun deck to Promenade Deck, to Even the Pilot House, there is much to enjoy. You may be able to sound the whistle or steer the boat.

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Ride in the Lily Belle Parlor Car on the Disneyland Railroad

Five trains circle the Disneyland Railroad at any given time. Occasionally, you may see the Lily Belle parlor car trailing one of them. It’s a presidential car that entertains foreign dignitaries and is even available as part of Disneyland’s Grand Circle Tour package, which includes plenty of historical information about Walt Disney. If you ever get an opportunity to ride in this luxurious car, be sure to take it and enjoy your travels around the Happiest Place on Earth.

Go to the Flag Retreat

It’s rare that anybody would be wandering around Town Square at 4:15 and it’s not general knowledge, but there is a daily flag retreat ceremony that is worth the break in your day. The ceremony includes a band and the National Anthem as the flag is taken down for the evening.

It’s great to pair this event with a viewing of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Both are things to try at Disneyland if you are feeling particularly patriotic.

Get the High Score on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

As you head into Tomorrowland, there are some fun things to do, but something everybody can enjoy is a spin on the Buzz Lightyear dark ride. This competitive shooting target ride can be beaten by following a few basic tricks. First, try and sit on the left side for the best access to high-ranking targets. Next, learn what targets will score you the most points.

Diamonds are high at 5,000 points, but triangles are better with 10,000 a point value. You can hit the same target multiple times. So, if you can score more points by firing away at a closer target, do it!

Splurge on a Walking TOur

Disneyland has many splurges, but one you might not have done is doing a walking tour. Join a Castmember to walk throughout the Park and learn the back stories to rides and structures. Walking Tours often have perks like limited edition buttons and seeing behind-the-scenes area that regular guests don’t have access to.


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