tidying up office

Tidying Up a Office Using the 15 Challenge

tidying up office

When we purchased this house, I knew that the room adjacent to the front door would become an office.  I often work from home and to be productive, I know I need a dedicated space where I can store my work supplies and close the door to immerse myself in a work day.  We envisioned a clean white space with some shiplap on the walls for texture. The office reflects that vision but then realized that I had too much stuff to actually be productive in that space. Here is some guidance on tidying up an office space using the 15 challenge!

1. Pick one area to tackle!

For me this was the cart that sits next to my desk.  This cart holds my planner supplies, wash tape, and crafting tools like a cutter and hole punch.

2.  5 Items to donate to a worthy organization

The 5 items I chose were kid’s Crayola sets, an old point-and-shoot camera, and books.  The books and bowls went into a bag that will be delivered to a family housing charity.

3.  5 Items to trash or recycle

I pulled out more than 5 items, which were old cards and papers that I’m not sure I was keeping hold of!  There were a few old financial documents that I scanned with my printer and then shredded.  By doing that I still have access if I ever need them but the paper is gone!

4.  5 Items to find a new home for

This was a bit trickier but there were a few items that needed to go elsewhere.  Some stuff was clear (a doorknob? whyyyy) but other things I really had to think about.  Could I store all my Christmas planner supplies elsewhere until I’m ready to use them?  YES.  My camera lenses went into a cleared-out desk drawer where they would be safe. The artwork went into wall frames where they belong.

5. Repeat as necessary.

This was a simple storage cart that was cluttered and stressing me out every single time I needed to try to find something I thought was on the cart.  You can use this technique to tackle junk drawers, your desk surface, bookshelves, etc!  I think the key is that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and to walk away from a mess.  By getting through 15 items you can get use that momentum to tackle another 15 and so on!

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