decluttering a playroom

Tips for Decluttering a Playroom in 2023!

It’s a new year and you want a clean playroom. Your mind starts to race, anxiety raises about where to begin. I’ve been there. The playroom tends to be one of the messiest spots in the house. Twice a year I go through and purge and tweak the space! It may seem overwhelming but with a solid plan you can get a playroom into shape. Here are my tips for decluttering a playroom during quarantine or in 2022!

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decluttering a playroom
decluttering a playroom new year

Remove any toys that are no longer age appropriate or broken

Old stuffies?  Building blocks that don’t get touched?  Donate them to a charity!  Our favorite charity is one that helps homeless families transition to permanent housing.  I dropped off a bag full of toys that the kids no longer use but that are still in good condition.  If they are broken, see if you can recycle anything before trashing.

Wipe down toys!

Do you clean toys regularly?  If not, now is a good time to wipe everything down.  I put plastic toys in the dish washer and wipe down everything else.  The wood kitchen and fridge gets wiped down with wood soap.  Stuffed animals, play food and cloth items get a run through the wash on gentle.

Clean the carpet and rugs

We have carpet in the play room and while the kids don’t eat in there the carpet was looking a bit shabby.  A good carpet cleaner will have the space feeling fresh!

Switch out wall decor

I try to hang the kids artwork in the playroom and I have wall decor that I cycle in and out with the holidays. I stick to simple prints and even changing a photo can refresh a room!

Change out the storage

After decluttering the toys in a playroom reevaluate your storage options.  Do you need smaller cubes?  A different shape or depth to hold the most popular items?  I needed a better way to store Kiki’s play food since she has a ton and plays with these items the most.  I found a black wire produce basket on the marketplace (similar here) and then spray painted it rose gold. The husband mounted the basket right next to her kitchen.  Now, she has a place for all those knitted toys!

Any other tips I missed? How do you get control over your clutter in the new year?


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